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Good Afternoon and Happy Week-end Golden Girls. I remember when DH and I looked forward to week-ends. Since we’re both retired, it’s like any other day.
Nancy…good job on the bargains, I can’t resist a bargain either. I’m really bad when I see bargains at the grocery store. We had coffee on sale a couple of weeks ago and I purchased 5 large cans, you should have seen the look I got from DH. But they keep forever, why not? We have several gently used clothing outlets in town but I forget about them. I did purchase a new pair of blue jeans the other day, mine are so baggy I have to wear a belt with them.
Today I went back to the thrift store that was having the half-price sale, & spent $20. I got 5 shirts for SO, & for me - 2 sweaters, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of pants, a jacket, & a pair of shoes, oh, & 3 books. I think I did pretty good! Now, it’s time to stop shopping, & to spend some time getting rid of all those old clothes that no longer fit! I really need the closet space! (But I just can’t resist bargains!)
Jane...thanks for your thoughts and prayers,
but it appears that Tiffany goes thru this every month when she’s PMS-ing and they are going to try again. I can’t stand him, we were hoping she’s dump him for sure this time. He’s not the father of her two boys, Dami’s in 1st year college and Lukas is 13, spend lots of time over at his dad’s place so the kids really aren’t affected.
Bobbi - we went through the same thing with my older DD, and it was rough, but we all got through it. It's hardest on the children, but they are tough, too. I'll keep your DD in my thoughts and prayers.
Glynn. like I told Jane, wish he were gone and he is a jerk. She has to beg for money every month to pay all the bills. She makes more than he does and it really irks him, thinks she can pay everything herself. I get mad just thinking about the creep!
Bobbi ~ sorry about your daughter ~ hope all goes well and she can get away from that “jerk

Justmary…Sorry to hear of your financial problems, and groceries are so darn expensive. Are you cooking just for yourself since you’re divorced or do you have family at home? One thing I do for lunches is make a big pot of vegetable soup, no meat in it. That would be cheap to make and great for your diet lunches. I don’t put meat in it because I want to save the calories for my supper. As for the whining, that’s what we’re here for so whine away.
I will do what I can with what I have. Focus more on portion size and overall calories for the day and exercise.
Please forgive my whining earlier. I feel better now.
Rosey…how can you walk if your feet are paralyzed? Is that from your weight or something else? You could easily break your foot or ankle, huh? I love the picture of Daisy, her ball on DH’s shoulder, so cute. She’s saying, come on….lets play!
its hard for me to pick up things from the floor and my grabber never where i need it, the coup de grace was the jar of jam that flew out of the refrig and landed on my didnt hurt as my feet are paralyzed but it sure left a bruise grrrr life little frustrations..

Lynard…We got our tax money back and in our checking account Feb 28th, I told DH check the balance on the jeep loan. I’m tired of those monthly payment and I know darn will the money will dwindle away unless we use it toward the jeep. He thinks we can pay the whole thing off, about $3500 left and we‘re getting back about $4000. Yipee!
I’m sitting here at the computer procrastinating on getting the tax preparations finished
YoYo…Hi, I remember you too and the grey ghost.. Our daughter has a grey blue weimeraner puppy, he's so sweet but like to smell everyone’s crotch…….I hate that!
You’re very close to goal, good job. What are a few great tips you used in your journey?
5 measly lbs from goal but got sidetracked over the holidays and backslid a few pounds. Back on track now (except for the attack on the St. Paddy's day cookies Dhbrought home on Monday ) so ticker is still about right. I am honestly a whole different person than the depressed lump that joined in way back when and I have all of you to thank. I will try harder to stop in more often and get to know you all again.
Zoe…I’m doing a pinky swear to you right now, it’s easy. Just like walking only easier. I was actually thinking of you when I wrote everyone should try it, YOU rock climb for goodness sake! You and family can rent them the 1st time like we did, but you’ll be buying your own once out. People in their 80’s go cross country skiing.
. Bobbi, do you absolutely and totally, and pinky swear PROMISE that X-country skiing isn’t too difficult? You’ve got me interested, but I also realize that what might be a breeze to someone else (you)
tea granny…Geeez, that‘s a great savings for you. You‘ve inspired me to check out some of the outlets we have, I‘ll bet I could have purchased jeans a lot cheaper. $386 savings to you is SWEET!
Mary... I saw that segment on Dr Phil, was going to google it and see what it’s about. Have you started on it yet and please let us know how you like it.
Dr Phil promoted the 17 Day Diet so I ordered it from Amazon.
KarenFla …I think you spend more money on groceries than most of us, but then you cheat. You live on the coast where seafood is abundant, have beautiful growing weather for fresh fruits and veggies. I would be in my element if I lived there, a year around garden would be heavenly, I’d plant lots of fruit trees. But I’d hate the hurricane season. Oh, and I forgot about your crocs.Have you ever had serious damage to your home and property? If we lived next to you, we could come eat at your place every night, how much fun would that be for us. I'd catch on when you turned your lights off and cooked in the dark, locked your doors. The savory aroma would give you away.
Going do the grilled vegies with shrimp and scallops. LFmayo biscuits and SF apple tarts. Got red peppers, scallions, potato, yellow squash and zucchine, plum tomatoes stuffed with goat cheese and asparagus have a great sense of humor, love it. I'm thinking we all have gone back OP for the 38th time this year. That's the story of my life, the only difference now is I get right back on the wagon before my weight gets too high.
Back OP AGAIN (at least 38 times since the first of the year... sigh!), because last week sucked, and I responded predictably. Onward!
I'll have to catch up with everyone I missed another day. This is getting too long and I have to get a chicken in the oven.
Hi KarenMo...are you sweatin' to the Oldies today?
Freda.......where are thou?
Have a nice Sunday everyone.


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