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Originally Posted by Rocky Monarch View Post
So, DANG IT, its back to Phase 1 for me starting Sunday morning (I am having 10 people for a potluck dinner tomorrow so it's too late to cancel at this point!). ... And I expect to be back in P4 in a week or so...just NOT looking forward to going into ketosis... but I'm sure it will be easier since I don't have big glycogen stores to burn up.

also BTW: I like "free day" better too and will use that from now on. It's simply not "cheating" and why beat ourselves up for no reason? We've all had enough of that, I think.
Rocky, the "low carb flu" is your brain adjusting to decreased glucose to burn until the ketones kick in. Something that can help that transition is 1/2 teaspoon of powdered L-glutamine allowed to dissolve under the tongue 3 times daily. Your brain can use the L-glutamine until there are enough ketones for fuel. I read about it here .

It sounds as if the rest of you are doing well on Phase 4. Just a reminder -- for your free day, you don't have to eat **everything** you didn't have while on Phase 1, 2, and 3 or or in quantities you had before IP.
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