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Evening all.... I popped in and read but just been flat out going past few days. Had company for dinner tonight and more coming for lunch tomorrow. They were going to stay the weekend but changed their minds...phew! But meanwhile I got everything ready. Going do the grilled vegies with shrimp and scallops. LFmayo biscuits and SF apple tarts. Got red peppers, scallions, potato, yellow squash and zucchine, plum tomatoes stuffed with goat cheese and asparagus. Olive oil and lemon with lemon pepper. It is soooo good. and makes great omelet with leftovers!

I have even scrubbed the front porch and did the front windows.....yesterday. Had to vaccum the bird seed up off the porch and the ground....the wind was blow it back as fast as I swept. Spent evening on ice again. Is there any bird that really eats those tiny round seeds??? Plus played bridge. did the lania after dinner tonight....more ice please.

Wow I just lost my whole page and punched the back arrow x4 and found it!

YoYo.....I remember you! Still dancing in the living room with the shades up?
Missed you girl friend. (recognized the gray ghost in your picture)

Lynn....I laughted so hard at the ending of Survivor. Russel's shocked voice!
Hope you are having fun with your DF. happy scraping.

Has anyone ever taken Acidophilus? Considered what happened to me with extra fiber one time am worried. I may take off instead of the last shuttle flight.

I'll be back tomorrow night after everyone is gone....need ice and pjs now...karen3
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