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Hi everyone..i was soooo lazy today and enjoyed every min of it i did make halibut for dinner tho and it was yummy,i baked it after i coated it with fat free mayo and rolled it in italian bread crumbs.glynn i had a chuckel becuz daisy is my dog,she plays like a cat tho lol, shes jack russel,pomerian and shi+++ shu..when folks ask me her breed i call her a jacksh+++tpoo.congrts on the new clothes i used to love garage sailing and thrift stores but now ita abit difficult to get around however theres e-bay a giant garage sale,most of my clothes i get from lane bryant and roamans..i used to wear a 5x or 4 x and now im ina 2x shirt and still wearing my large pants when they fall off i'll get new..just mary rant away we are here to on a fixed income is tuff. i can get my ss in may and i will feel like a queen having some coins of my own..altho we share every thing my dh and me, its nice to have some to call my own..i know u have all had one of those days and even tho i was lazy everything i dropped or spilled on the floor..its hard for me to pick up things from the floor and my grabber never where i need it, the coup de grace was the jar of jam that flew out of the refrig and landed on my didnt hurt as my feet are paralyzed but it sure left a bruise grrrr life little frustrations..well hope your day went well my GG sisters,Greys and Private Practice is on dh calls them soaps lol and yes i watch those too.. sleep well rosey

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