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Hey G.G.s,
Internet seems to be working good today, so maybe Iíll be able to make a longer post. Stayed at home today, & actually made a start on cleaning out my closet! I took out 5 large bags of clothes that Iím giving away, but that still doesnít seem to have created much more room. I had everything tucked away pretty good. My SO is always amazed at how Iím able to cram (& hide) so much stuff in so little space.

KarenMO, thanks for the compliment on my cat pic, & my bargain shopping. You really should try it. Maybe I should warn you though - I think itís addictive! Glad you had a nice time with your aunt, & I think if we didnít get to enjoy a meal out every now & then, life wouldnít be any fun at all!

Bobbi, the fluffy-tailed cat is Milky, heís a boy. The only girl one is Oatmeal, sheís the one with the strange coloring, on the far right. Donít know where she got that coloring - we think maybe her daddy was a possum! The gray striped one in the middle is Sax, he belongs to SOís DD, but lives here. Sorry your DD is having to go through a divorce, that can be pretty bad. But, Iím sure sheíll be better off in the long run. I know I was, both times!

Zoe, youíre going to have to quit putting yourself down, about your appearance! Most of us have issues with that, & you know you wouldnít let us talk or think about ourselves that way! So just stop it right now! Motivationís good, but I donít think thatís the right kind. Anyway, this weight-loss/getting-in-shape thing is supposed to be for our health & well being, right?!

Speaking of health & being well, Bunti, I sure hope your household is soon doing better. Sounds like you all have been having a rough time! I always want chicken soup when Iím sick, & I sure donít mean that stuff in the can! Usually, at the start of winter, I fix a big pot, & freeze a few individual bowls of it, in case I get sick & donít feel like cooking any. So far weíve been lucky, & all four bowls I froze this year, are still there. Guess Iíll have to thaw it & have chicken soup for supper sometime soon.

Rosey, I definitely share your attitude about housework! I was just thinking the same thing this morning, as I sat drinking my coffee, while watching the birds at the bird feeder - that there was nothing that just had to be done RIGHT NOW. I keep trying to think like a cat. They seem to be happy as long as they have food & water, & a warm place to sleep. Of course, every now & then, I have to shake myself out of it & muck the place out. Darn! And, you know we ALL have scars & saggy places! Itís just better to focus on how much healthier we are, & how much more we can do. And on all our ďinner beautyĒ!

Lynn, have fun with your DF, & have a GREAT weekend to you too.

Good to see you, Emaline. Glad you had a good day. Nice to get to talk with family.

Hi! to all you other G.G.s. Now itís time for my book. I picked up 5 at the library, all by Susan Wittig Albert - the China Bayles series. I read a few recently, & realized there were a lot of them Iíd missed, so Iím trying to catch up.
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