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Morning everyone..i was up early and had coffee watching the birds with daisy on my lap she likes them too! dh is bored bored bored but not well enuff for his usual activities and to top it off his puter has a virus and the fix it guy cant come till sunday ive got halibut thawing for dinner tonight and made 3 bean salad. my house needs blessing again and here i sit watching price is right and plunking on my feeling lazy and after all theres always tomorrow..i have body issues too! im like a deflated balloon and have lots of sagging places and lots of ugly scars from past surg and those burns not a pretty site.all that and thats why a bathing suit terrifies me. by the way lyn thankyou for the exercise site i found it very helpful.well all my "GG"sisters have a great day,i'll be back rosey

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