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Hi everyone. Quick flyby. Love to see the posts, but dealing with slow internet and cold weather/high winds.(maybe a connection between the two?)

Rocky's (DH) flu went into pneumonia, so he feels quite punky, Ray and I seem to be working through this flu. I will try to work for awhile today...wearing a mask so I am not typhoid Mary!!

Ray and Rocky informed me last night that if I fed them any more chicken soup, they was gonna start clucking. I made a huge pot on Saturday, and haven't felt like cooking, and with this flu/cold it seemed like the perfect thing. I informed them that they could cook anything they liked, but I had put soup on the table, and thats what we were having for dinner tonight. (with a caesar salad and bread, not a puny meal) . (You can tell I am a little testy) Upshot, Ray is making dinner tonight.

Hugs to all, and hope all are well, will write more later.
I will:Journal every bite * Be gentle to myself and my family * Exercise to the best of my ability * Drink at least 8 glasses of water * Focus on colorful veggies, salads, low gycemic fruit, lean proteins and healthy fats * Limit grains * Get up at the same time everyday and get back into routine * Visit 3FC every day, it makes a big difference to my attitude, thanks to the wonderful folks here.

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