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Iíve been having problems with getting the right size font into my post. I was doing 4 (as Jane noted) but it seemed TOO big. Maybe not. This last time, I think I ended up with a 2, which isnít the slightest bit optimum. I think Iíll give 3 a try this time and see what that looks like.
Okay, PT, where ARE you? Itís not like you to miss checking in. Please do so ASAP so I can stop worrying!
Bobbi, do you absolutely and totally, and pinky swear PROMISE that X-country skiing isnít too difficult? Youíve got me interested, but I also realize that what might be a breeze to someone else (you) might just have me flopping over with a heart attack or something. Well, maybe itís too late to pursue this year, but if you think itís something an old thing like me could do without paralyzing herself or something, Iím game for next winter. (I feel that I need to find SOMETHING enjoyable about winter since Iím not about to move away from my kiddos and grandbabies). Sorry about your DD, too. My oldest was divorced @ 10 years ago Ė not too long after I was, actually Ė and she has since remarried and is doing just great. I hope the same goes for your DD.
Karen31, itís so nice to hear about you doing things for/with your aunt, and even enjoying yourself doing it! So many people do for elders because they have no choice in the matter, and there isnít a whole lot of enjoyment in it at all. Youíre aunt is one of the lucky ones. (Donna does her share of elder support services, too...oh, Lordie...and Bobbi...probably some others of us, too. I'm the oldest female in my line - the matriarch. Oh, except my sister. But I'm the oldest in my direct blood line.)
Oh, nice kit-kats, Nancy! We have 3 as well. Oh, nice haul at the thrift shop! Thereís a pair of pants on Ebay that I love Ė a pair of Eileen Fisher crop pants with a wide leg, black woolen knit Ė that they want @ $150 for. Department store price is 2 or 3 times that much. Naturally I have no intention of buying them, but it just makes me so mad Ė most likely they were made by some stitcher in Nicaragua or someplace like that, who made about ten cents an hour, you know? And the fabricÖwell, I mean how much could a couple of yards of wholesale fabric be, anyway? More mark-ups in the thousands over what it cost to manufacture? I swear, clothes, just like everything else these days, are such a rip-off! After our conversations here, Iím even more determined to find some more consignment shops, and even sew my own when I canít find what Iím looking for at a reasonable price.
Gayle, you are simply too kind. I sort of fool myself, you know, by purposely avoiding full-length mirrors, and when I do look in them, Iím careful about the angle that Iím looking at. I also wear a lot of lagenlook (layered) clothes that tend to drape past my middle, which is my biggest problem. That and the ďgirlsĒ who just become far too generous and well beyond voluptuousness, even, when I gain a few pounds. They have always been bigger than Iíd like, but when Iím heavier, they just get ridiculous. So I donít think that youíre ďJabba the HutĒ, but I sure do feel pretty whale-like these days. The good thing, of course, is that I disgusted myself enough to get serious about getting back into shape.
Okay, Iím going to get back to work, nowÖcanít say hey to everybody, but you know I love all of my Golden sisters!


"Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning the devil says, 'OH CRAP, SHE'S UP!'"
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