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Good Morning, a quick Hi here too. We have to meet MIL at the medical clinic for head scans. (She's dizzy all the time)
DH and I went skiing 3 days in a row now, hope that helps bump me off this long plateau I'm on.
Nancy, very beautiful kitties. I like that big blond one on the left with her big fluffy tail.
I haven't done personals for awhile and only scanned the post. I'll have to take the time this afternoon or Friday, all your lives are important to're all the window to my boring life.
DD has been on our minds since she married a jerk a couple of years ago...she had divorce papers served on him yesterday. Now we have that worry, how she's going to survive if he takes all the stuff he bought with him. She's doing an online divorce, don't know how that's going to work but she doesn't have the money for a lawyer.
I gotta get all have a great day.
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