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We only walked for 15 min this am because we will be going out and may do quite a bit of walking. Don't want dh to overdue.

We are going to March AF Base today. My dh was stationed there back in the 60s but it is now a reserve base. We are anxious to see how much it has changed. We also lived in a little 2 bedroom house a few miles from the base. We have always wished we had bought that place...could have gotten it for 10K can you imagine?! But at the time we didn't have the money and he had just gotten out of active military and we were a little scared to take on a loan. Hindsight is so much better you know.

It is pretty here...sunny but the air is a tad bit cool to sit out long unless you are directly in the sun perhaps. They have a workout room here..we peeped in but it is such fun to walk outside I'd rather do that.

Zoe - good luck with your getting back on-track. I definitely understand. I am so far op today. Had oatmeal for breakfast but kept it to 1/3 cup oats and 1/3 cup milk (drank part of that) and 1/2 apple. I did put 1/2 t. brown sugar on the oatmeal but it still only came to 237 calories, and 38.2 carb grams. I'm allowed 45 gms a meal so that's good for me. Really want to get my bs back on-track too.

I need to go take my shower before we leave. You all have a good day.
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