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At work, sunshine is coming in through my windows, and if I don’t actually get out of my seat and go look outside at the snowbanks, I might be fooled into thinking that Spring is nearly here. Hah! Fat chance of that! Temperatures are supposed to drop into the single digits tonight and not get above 20-something tomorrow. Milder weekend predicted (30’s) so that will be a little better as it’s time again for our monthly field trip with the grandkiddos – this time back to the museum of Science in Boston. We took them last year, but of course there’s way more than you can see in one visit. I hope I can still hobble around after my stress test on Friday morning. It’s at 8:00. They told me I couldn’t eat for 4 hours before the test. That gave me visions of being up at 4:00 AM (not a chance) and glumly surveying the contents of my refrigerator and cupboards and feeling deprived because I couldn’t make myself a snack. Probably not that silly, after all, but it just seemed silly to me since no-one in their right mind (in my opinion, anyway) would be up eating at 4:00 in the morning, so that 4-hour limit just seemed a little off. Then again, I imagine some folks would feed themselves breakfast if they weren’t warned not to, but why not 8 hours before? Okay. I’m belaboring this unnecessarily, I know, but it just seemed weird to me. But I’m weird. So there you go.
I was getting dressed for work this morning – sitting at the foot of my bed putting on panty hose – and glanced over into the mirror over my dresser. What a horrible sight! I looked like a freaking WHALE, all bent over pulling up those stinking pantyhose with a big, rubbery tire around my belly. I swear I could be thrown off the deck of a cruise ship and float safely back to shore on that danged tire! I am SO disgusted with myself, GoldenSis’s ……..somebody please slap me! So this is Day 3 of my healthy eating program. By May 31, I plan on being at the very least, 15 pounds lighter. 20 would be preferable, but I’ll settle for 15 for the time being. My goal is 153, and if things go well, I’ll actually make it to 150, but I’ll be happy if I can hit – and stay at – 153. I know for sure that I can’t stay where I am now. It’s scary.
Gayle, if you could just send me a little warm sunshine – I know I can get a little bit more from Karen3, and maybe even Karen31 has a little to spare – and if I combine every little bit, who knows? I might just manage to have an early spring after all! Congrats, incidentally on being so close to 10% lost…uh…I mean released. Oh, brother, with “released”, I get the image of these poor little pounds getting pushed out the prison door, still in their striped jumpsuits and carrying their meager little belongings in an empty shoebox. Hopefully, they’ll behave themselves this time?
Karen31, your ongoing saga with your son and “Miss Thing” makes me glad I don’t have a liveable basement. And your picture does show a weight loss (oops…release) in your face. Good going!
Mary, if I’ve learned nothing else along the way, I certainly have learned that anything that gets done, gets done one step at a time. We just all keep on keeping on.
Lynn, your philosophy of cleaning makes sense to me. I’m going to give it up for good.
Freda, I’m sure that itsy bitsy bit of cake didn’t have any effect whatsoever. You seem to be maintaining very successfully, and I’m proud of you, Goldensis!
Nancy, I didn’t know you had to clean windows! You mean people actually clean their windows? How? Why? (My dh had BETTER do windows, because I don’t plan on it in this lifetime…)
Okay, much as I love all the rest of my Goldensis’s, work has raised its ugly head and I must actually do some. BBL.


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