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Mary, so sorry to hear about your troubles with your son... I can so relate! Ours is still living in the basement and seems to think that we should leave the house unlocked for him if we aren't going to be home!! I just tell him that we have plans and we are leaving at such a time and if he needs anything upstairs he needs to do it before we leave! I really feel guilty sometimes about not wanting him in the house while we aren't here but he has caused this... not me! He has a lot to do to prove himself to me again. And right now I think that "miss thing" in Colorado and her two kids are coming back here at the end of the month-- near as I can tell. I have already told him they WILL NOT be staying here, not even for one night. And then he talked to some friends of his out in Colorado and he has talked them into moving back here too!!! Sure hope he finds a place to put all these people!!!! Oooops! Better get off that soap box huh!!

Hope you have a good night and try to enjoy the rest of your time on your vacation. I know things have got to get better!! I'll keep you all in my prayers.

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