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Bobbie - Cross Country Skiing sounds like very hard work...great exercise, but hard work! I'd love to try it but am sure I couldn't go very far and another problem is that neither of us like being in cold weather. So don't know whether we will ever do it.

Zoe - Yes I have a good life. I don't know how this new financial crisis is going to affect our life but we will take it one step at a time and hope (and pray!) for the best. I really want my dh to be able to fulfill his dreams.

We moved on today and are now in Menefee, CA...think it's about 100 miles from San Diego. We plan on driving in and staying in our timeshare condo for a couple nights from which we will visit our youngest dd. The weather forecast still doesn't seem very good for our trip home so may stay in so cal a little longer...just taking it day by not sure right now.

The son that caused us our financial problems called today to ask to use our home (our stick house) for a few nights while on a business trip. Also wanted to use our car. My dh told him he could stay at the house but there is no car key there. The car also needs a small repair so best not to drive it anyway. Some nerve, huh?!! But he's our kid you know? I just hope he doesn't leave the TV on, all the lights on or leave a mess in the house and cause us more trouble. I love him dearly but he sure needs to grow up and realize how he hurts people. I am not sure how we will survive what he has done to us but am trusting the Lord that we will. Again, we will take it month by month.

It is pretty where we are. They say they get flash floods when it rains a lot. But no rain now and it was sunny and just right today. The spaces are larger and I have good internet here. Hope to start taking a little control of the financial issue tomorrow now that I can make phone calls easier too. I couldn't make a phone call at the last place without walking a ways a way and little privacy.

After we got here we walked about 30 min but my eating was only so-so.

Watching Biggest Loser now, so will check in tomorrow...have a good night.

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