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Hi Everyone,

March is going to be a VERY busy month. In addition to my regular activities, I have my DF from NC coming to visit this week, I begin one of my online classes, and have my cousins’ reunion later in the month.

This morning was my time-training - I did 7 miles on the treadmill in 2 hours, 5 minutes. Next week, I will aim for 8 miles. I walk for 8 minutes at 0 elevation & then for 2 minutes at an elevation of 8. The other day of training is my speed-training. On those days, I walk for 8 minutes at 3.5 and then run for 2 minutes at 5. As soon as it gets warmer, I need to do my training at the park on the hilly paths that will be route of the marathon.

Have a great evening Everyone,


Originally Posted by akrosey49 View Post
Morning everyone..i'm here zoe,just taking care of an impatient patient that hes feeling better he picks his do's and dont's according to his wants and not the dr's and then cant understand why his belly hurts he always marched to the tune of his own drummer so i let him be. he taken such good care of me i'm repaying in my way so making him cookies and serving him his meals in his recliner etc and i get the extra exercise speaking of exercise i need to loose one more 1# befor my ticker reads true bobbie i want to know about those exercises to! hoping you all have agood day,hang in there everyone rosey
Hi Rosey,
Check out this website for wheel chair exercise information -
Give your DH a big hug from the Golden Girls. We LOVE the way he takes good care of our Rosie.
Originally Posted by Bunti View Post
Ack. Last month it was stomach flu. Now we have a cold/flu virus here. We are all passing it around-- at work, at home. Ugh. Staying home today, maybe tomorrow. Probably a good thing, as it is brrrrrrr cold outside.
At least I don't feel much like eating. However, hubby and son went shopping yesterday because I felt so wretched, they stuck to the shopping list fairly well except--- they bought a dozen donuts/pastries from the bakery. Aaaaghhh. Even though I am not hungry, I know they are there, and have sort of a weird craving.
I told them they have till this evening to either eat them or hide them where I can never find them or they're going into the garbage disposal. (the pastries, not my guys)
Hi Bunti,
Good for you! When I am sick, I am MOST likely to crave carbs. Somehow, salad and meat just don’t appeal to me if I am not feeling good. I also must get that kind of stuff out of my house. If I know it is there, it calls to me!

Originally Posted by Bobbolink View Post
I did take a picture of my pretty pink flower that's blooming today, got many more buds coming. The plant sits in the corner of two very large picture windows and get morning and afternoon sun. My computer desk is under the window next to the plant and you can see my beautiful Waterford cut crystal quart jug next to my Waterford cut crystal tumbler. Can you girls see it? Are you impressed? Yeah right, it's a washed out tart cherry juice jug and the tumbler is from Walmart. teehee! I love the jug, all I have to do is fill it twice a day and I have all my water in for the day. 64oz.
Hi Bobbi,
That photo would be a WINNER in my class. She really likes photos with contrast. Good job!

Originally Posted by Jane View Post
Popping in to say hello to the GGs! Happy March to you all! It's coming in like a lion where I live, so I'm hoping it goes out like a lamb.
Hi Jane,
So glad you stopped by for a visit. Come by more often.
Originally Posted by Karen3 View Post
Have tomorrow free...going down to the vegie stand. The local tomatoes are in. Need some things from pool tablets. Strawberries are in...The festival is this weekend.
Off do a nancync and curl up with my new Dana Stabenow. A Kate Shugak mystery.....set in Alaska. Think I've read them all. hugs,karen3
Hi Karen,
I can NOT wait for summer Jersey tomatoes. They taste so good that they spoil me for any others. I LOVE tomato, hard boiled egg, mayo, sandwiches. I can’t wait!
Have you ever read a Kate Atkinson book? I just ordered my first.
Originally Posted by maryea View Post
Hi everyone! We walked for about 40 min this morning, but we had to walk pretty slowly as my dh's leg was aching. I think he has done too much the last couple days. He jogged about 1/2 mile to a convenience store day before yesterday and he thinks he walked a little faster yesterday too. There is so much gravel here and today even with the slow walking he slipped (but did not fall), so I have told him no more jogging unless I am with him. His jogging is slow...I can walk faster so figure I have a chance of catching him and breaking his fall at least.
Hi Mary,
Remind your DH to take a day off between walking days. The muscles need a day to heal from the workout day.

Originally Posted by Laffalot View Post
Had a fun weekend. Went for dinner & a play with Crown Jewels on Fri. & on Sun went to watch a dog agility trial. It was colder in the barn than outside! But fun. Went to aquafit & took the dog to the groomer today. He wasn't a happy campter. Have to go to the dentist tomorrow am. YUK! Trying to stay OP with a few slides though. Anyway talk to you all later. Have a great evening.....stay safe & warm.
Hi Laff,
Dog agility trial sounds like fun. Is it kind of like circus tricks?

Originally Posted by ellabella View Post
Hi Nancy, wow, what luck on those jeans! I used to peruse around through thrift stores and find some amazing deals – there was one in town called “Upscale Consignment” and they carried a lot of top designer things that the ruling class in town had maybe worn once and then grown tired of – I got some stuff for pennies on the dollar. I got a DKNY coat that didn’t look like it had ever been worn at all – gorgeous thing – for $8. That baby must’ve sold for $300+ at Nordstroms or some equally status-conscious store where you pay for the labels and nothing more. I’ve always been really resentful of the obvious mark-up on clothes, and when I’ve had the time, I’ve made my own knock-offs. Once I retire, I will do so again. Might even sell some clothes on EBay. I love clothes, but I don’t like being duped into paying twenty times what they’re worth.
Hi Lynn, what’s up for today? Do you have any new pictures to post? Z
Hi Zoe,
I LOVE consignment shops. I am about 25 minutes from Princeton & there is a REALLY nice one there. We’ve got 4 right around here but they do not get the quality of the stuff in Princeton.
I have been REALLY busy, between my volunteer work for LLS, my training for the marathon, my course, and taking the photos for me course, I haven’t even been able to squeeze in my afternoon nap!
I LOVE it! Will post some new photos tomorrow.
Originally Posted by Nancyoyo View Post
Ok, I really should do something besides sitting here & typing to you all, all day! Housework & laundry is calling (Donna, do you actually do windows?! I would, but the darn things just get dirty again.). NCNancy
Hi Nancy,
You made me laugh – I’m with you – NO WINDOWS! MANY years ago when I was in college, I took an anthropology course & learned about a culture where the people lived in dirt-floor huts covered with bull poop. The women spend all day every day either cooking or moving the poop from one side of the hut to the other. All of a sudden it occurred to me that cleaning was pretty much like that. We move the dirt around and then we do it again. After that, cleaning was never enjoyable to me. [NOTE: actually, I never liked it much before that course.]

Originally Posted by Tea Granny View Post
Good Morning Golden Sisters! March is off to a good start here today - it isn't snowing, I have a day off and I'm down 2 pounds:
Hi Tea,
GOOD FOR YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by the slim me View Post
Good Afternoon GG/sisters,
Yes, I was working all weekend. Would love to have a weekend with no drama, but looks like that is never going to happen. Monday I had to work at Curves in the morning and it was DGD's birthday so we had dinner and cake and ice cream. Yes, I had a small piece of cake (no icing, I don't like it) and no ice cream. DGD decided she wanted a sub for dinner (she's 8, go figure, she thinks they are wonderful) so I got one also. So not too bad. It's still cold as the dickens here, but at least the sun is out today. A little warmer too. I'm getting used to the new SUV, but don't have a clue what most of the buttons do. I'll drag the book and study it as soon as I have a spare moment. Hopefully, before it's worn out. Got the kids again today and get to spend some quality time. I love having them over.
Hi Freda,
I am so happy you got to spend time with your DGD. One day is a snap. Drink more water than usual and cut back for a day or two & your scale will never know.

Originally Posted by Karen3 View Post
Biggest Loser night....
Hi Karen,
I am watching as I am posting. I just hope Arthur gets to stay.

Originally Posted by Karen31 View Post
Hello everyone! I guess I haven't posted since last month!! Things are going pretty good here still. I have decided that since they say the last 10 pounds are the hardest to get rid of--once I get to within 9 pounds of my goal, I'm going to change my goal!! HEHEHE!! Sounded good to me!
Hi Karen,
That is what I did. I stayed at 10 lbs from my goal for 3 years. Funny thing was that once I changed my goal and declared myself “at goal,” I started losing again. Don’t ask me why – I don’t have a clue.
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