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Evening all...mumble so dumb...I took the fry pan with Dash's thighs out on the lania to cook and the pan wouldn't heat no matter what either one us tried. So went to older Walmart for new pan and they didn't have one in stock and drove another 17 miles to other Walmart. Got home plugged new one in and it doesn't work either. Was the surge suppressor! So now have 2 pans and can cook 14 thighs at once....yeah right....

Pollen is really starting to blow down here. Lania is green. The furniture is tacky and having company Sat. Told Dh I'll clean it Sat am before they get here...only be green again. Did I tell you I believe in dusting bi-annual whether it needs it or not!

Biggest Loser night....

Dh woke up dizzy this am. Checked his BS and it was 79! Combination of SouthBeach eating and portion control fruit. Think i'll write a book.

Hugh front moved thru last night and it poured rain. That's because they fixed the sprinkler system yesterday. Thought it would cool down but it's still in the 80's. Be back to do personals....karen3
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