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Morning all,

Wonderful thing this earth we live on. Apparently there was an earthquake in Wellington last night. Not big 4.something, but enough to wake the natives. I'm hoping for some really good weather for the weekend.
Last day at work for the week for me. For some reason, I am feeling fairly stressed about something. Have no idea what it might be, don't think it is work, maybe it is getting my dysfunctional family together for this wedding. We usually behave, but there are a couple of wildcards in the mix this time so I hope it all works out.

Workwise, a few of the training team are having problems with their individual teams in that no knowledge is leaking out for them to write doco on. It's a frustrating situation. I don't have the problem YET! but I have to try to get my team to agree to put together 'share info meetings' after I get back so we are not chasing our tails around. I told them that if they want me to give them doco for their testing teams, then they have to share the knowledge - otherwise I will just write something that has nothing to do with the system they are putting together.

Michelle - glad to hear that the boss has sent you home to recover even if he does expect you to work. That's good because at least you will be able to stay in a constant temperature. I often think we get colds and flu's because of the air con versus the outdoor temp. Like yesterday, it was less than 20C in the office and nearly 35C outside (<70F and 100F) Doesn't do the body much good.

Laura - Glad you liked the film 'Rabbit Hole'. I've never gone much for Nicole as an actress. But I have to admit, she seems to be getting less wooden as she gets older. Maybe it is the kids - or lack of Botox or something.

Happy - enjoy the feeling the house has given you and work on the high. This should give you the impetus to get on with cleaning and clearing and patching up to get the other one on the market. Doesn't seem that long ago that you were happy to have found that house and got out of the condo you were renting. That's not highly grammatical

Mel - so March is the month for moving and groovin' huh? Happy forgot Sven and Berto to pamper us all. Ahh well, it won't be long and we will be moving all over again.

Ceejay - nearly the end of the work week. Are you going to the family for the weekend?
If the smell is in the kitchen, check the back of the fridge. My old one used to have a water tray which caught the overload if the ice in the freezer melted for one reason or another, that smelt awful. Also check the wallboards behind the kitchen taps and lower down behind the sink. There may be a leak in the wall cavity. Other places I find is the rubbish bin set in the cupboard, sometimes something slips down behind it and it goes off Or the dishcloth or whatever you use to wipe up spills and drips. They can put out a powerful odour - especially if they haven't been rinsed properly after wiping up chicken or fish boards or plates.

Ellen - my place is the same. Mt Clover grows by the minute and there is only 2 of us in the house. Where does it all come from.

Weather is bad everywhere it seems. ChCh and Wellington are getting earthquakes. There's bush fires in Perth. Last night we had a thunderstorm that shook the entire neighbourhood. Annies into the tornados. Mel has storms, Ruth has more snow, Laura and Michelle are into sleet rain and cold. Only Happy and Ceejay are talking about Spring. And I better go talk about open cut coal mines, and metal refining extraction and a hundred other big words to do with the extraction of minerals from the earth.
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