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Good Tuesday Morning to Youse!!

Indiana is suffering from flooding, but nothing like Shad had. Many homes and cars under water, thank the good Lord I am not in a flood zone. We did have 3 tornados touch down Sunday nite only one did damage in small town about 50 miles NE of me. We are also in line for more of this crappy weather this weekend, right now they are saying mucho rain maybe turning into a snow mess...I am so over this stinkin' weather....

Mellie...hope your talk with John helps and the back gets much better...Happy forgot about my Berto, he too can assist in the month of March..

Happy....still excited about the house...the house sounds like a dreamland, even tho in a cold climate, it sounds like a great place for our commune...please advise DH you will have permanent house

Ellen...congrats on your personal commission at least you can look forward to that. Do they set the entire goal for commission at a fair level to reach? My XDH used to get commission but it always got set unrealistically high, therefore not getting his commission. least your boss is sympathetic to your health situation and offering up working from home. You are truly awesome and should get the raise and promotion you are asking for, dang it, tell him to ask me!! Keep healing and getting much better, do as you are told, my sista.

Shad...may your flights be peaceful and safe...have a blast at the wedding.

Howdie Ceejay...cannot remember from the last thread what you had going on..just that you were working..hope it is going smoothly.

Nothing much else going on...will post the Italian Roast Beef recipe later..can't remember who asked about...maybe Happy?? but I am too lazy to go back and read the other thread and find out....

Hello to anyone I may have missed...

Loves and hugs.


Lap RNY 2/12/07

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