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Pretty flower, Bobbi – anything that reminds me that spring is “just around the corner” (long danged corner, though) makes me smile. Sorry to hear that another migraine caught up with you. I hope you get some relief from the massage this morning.
Mary, it would be a bona fide miracle if my life could ever become as carefree (well, except for the family stress, of course) as yours. Sitting out in a gentle breeze reading a book with no tasks or projects to worry about beyond those that you choose yourself sounds like something very close to heaven.
Karen3, rest assured that I, for one, will not be worrying you with thoughts of potentially disastrous skiing, skating, or other sorts of accidents/injuries resulting from physically extending myself. I promise here and now that at worst, you might hear that I’ve stubbed my toe while walking at an extremely leisurely pace between my front door and the car. Okay, okay, I KNOW the doctor is going to recommend some kind of regular exercise, but I’m figuring to cross that bridge when I come to it, and enjoy my last few exercise-free weeks as much as I possibly can.
Happy March to you, Jane!
Did your dh & son bring back any Boston Crème doughnuts, Bunti? I officially started my “spring cleaning” (cleaning MYSELF up, that is – back to counting calories, carbs, fiber, etc.) yesterday, and if I’m going to pine over lost doughnut opportunities, it may as well be over the kind I really like, which is Boston Crème. I wouldn’t be able to feel quite so sorry for myself if they were any other kind. Sorry you’re going through all this illness in the family and all around you. What a rotten winter this has been for just about everybody this year!
I’m glad all is well, Rosey. I can see that you’re very busy pampering your dh, and I don’t think that I, even with my very critical attitude toward men in general, can deny that he deserves it. You’ve got yourself a good fella there, Rosey, but he’s got himself a danged good woman as well, so it all balances out nicely, doesn’t it?
Lyn, scholarly, is it? I’m thinking “old, mildewed, and crochety” is how that picture looks. But it’s way more true to form at the present time than my summer shot. (Sorry, PT – I don’t mean to make YOU feel any worse, but I have to come to grips with a FEW realities, here: 1., It is MARCH, and that means more icky weather before spring finally comes, and 2. If I don’t get my weight under control now, over the next few months, I will have an absolutely miserable summer, and after the horrifically miserable winter we’ve had, I absolutely cannot tolerate a miserable summer too!) Looking at the summer pictures the other day (which is when I changed my avatar to the sunny one) made me feel better, but it didn’t last. I looked around, then drove to work in that icy rain mess yesterday, and realized that it would take more than a picture to improve my outlook. Sunny, today, though. One step at a time, I guess.
Karen31. Good for you on the self-discipline you exercised at your party! I think you’re going all the way down, this time, sister! Remember that picture you posted once on here…I think you said it was 10 or so years old? You were a very svelte little sprite, at any rate, and it looks like you may just get back there if you keep up the way you’ve been doing!
Hi Nancy, wow, what luck on those jeans! I used to peruse around through thrift stores and find some amazing deals – there was one in town called “Upscale Consignment” and they carried a lot of top designer things that the ruling class in town had maybe worn once and then grown tired of – I got some stuff for pennies on the dollar. I got a DKNY coat that didn’t look like it had ever been worn at all – gorgeous thing – for $8. That baby must’ve sold for $300+ at Nordstroms or some equally status-conscious store where you pay for the labels and nothing more. I’ve always been really resentful of the obvious mark-up on clothes, and when I’ve had the time, I’ve made my own knock-offs. Once I retire, I will do so again. Might even sell some clothes on EBay. I love clothes, but I don’t like being duped into paying twenty times what they’re worth.
Hi Gayle, I’m glad you checked in, even if you lost your post. It’s so nice seeing you here regularly, you know.
Hi Lynn, what’s up for today? Do you have any new pictures to post?
Hi Sherry, and where are YOU, Freda? Working, I suppose? Well, just know that I’m thinking of you, and keep warm, you hear? Doesn’t the wind off the lake up where you are send a lot of cold air your way?
Well, over and out…have a terrific day, Golden sister-girls!


"Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning the devil says, 'OH CRAP, SHE'S UP!'"

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