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I am having scanner issues. SO, I thought I would just share the changes from a phase 1 plan to a phase 1 athletic plan.

Basically your day is the same EXCEPT:

Breakfast is 1 - 2 packets of the omelette or oatmeal
Lunch is normal but you add 1 hard boiled egg or 1/3 can tuna
Dinner is the same as phase 1
Snacks are ONLY puddings and you get 1 -2

it is much more restricted in choices especially at breakfast and snack.

Outside of that it is the same. You get your variety in packets at lunch. You have a normal phase 1 dinner

The notes on the protocol are
"ATHLETES... it is very import to consume 1 -2 grams of protein per lean pound of body weight."

It also says: Reduce intensity of training, at this point priority is on conserving existing mass and trimming fat. Post workout (with in 45 minutes) drink 2 envelopes: peach mango, pineapple banana, or cocoa drink.

Just remember this is for people who exercise near 5 hours a day.

If you exercise a lot some days and not others you might modify it or try just adding 1 or 2 extras protein portions on days you are in a midrange for exercise.

I will add the scan of the actual sheet once my scanner begins to cooperate.

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