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Default Feeling really Blah...

Hey guys

I'm feeling really blah right now. I didn't eat as well as I could have/should have today. You'd think I'd be on an awesome high after surpassing my February goal... but I'm feeling defeated today.

I was awoken by lots of stomping and barking above me this morning (Me and my daughter are in the basement...) come to find out that there were firemen and paramedics upstairs (it was 6AM)... my brother had called 911 for my grandmother. She had only been home from rehab for exactly a week. and now she's back in the hospital... apparently has pneumonia!

But at first it was really scary. It took the paramedics a long time to leave... apparently they needed to incubate. (She was conscious and I'm sure that hurt!!) And then they left without sirens. My mom really thought she had died in the back of the ambulance.

Anyway...This morning just started off wrong.

There was nothing I could do at the hospital, and my daughter wouldn't understand the tube in the mouth thing, so I tried to go about my normal day. I had alot of shopping to do. We drove 40 mins out to out awesome super walmart with a full grocery store. Then I came home and unloaded the groceries. Then we went back out to our local Target because of course I forgot a bunch of stuff.

I did alot of walking today. which completely aggravated my hip,, it has been bothering me this week, but today, there was no way I would be able to exercise. I just feel like that without exercising, it will seriously be a detriment to my weightloss plans.

I don't know what to do. If I try to exercise on it, I can seriously injure the hip and not be able to walk. If I don't exercise, I feel like I will ruin this habit that I've gotten into (being one who doesn't like to exercise.. I've been doing great with consistency for the past two months!)

It's been a poo day.


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