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My $.02 (which is usually not worth even that much! ) - Count me as another who has never eaten back her exercise calories. I just don't think I can ever accurately know how many calories I've burned. My calorie deficit comes from food, while my increased CV fitness and strength/muscle come from exercise. That being said, I do make sure I'm eating enough to fuel my workouts. I've recently upped my workout intensity by quite a bit, so I'm experimenting with upping my calories, but not in a direct "eat back" relationship.

Also, in a different perspective from Eliana, I do much better with 3 large-ish meals and 1.5 snacks. My "half-snack" is in the morning, just 50 cals worth of raw veggies or so, while my afternoon snack is about 150-200 cals of protein/fat/carb to get me through my afternoon workout to dinner. Dinner is, by far, the largest meal for me, which I like because it means I'm absolutely not tempted to snack and I feel satisfied until bedtime. I've tried the "6 mini-meal" thing several times in the past, and it just doesn't work for me - I end up never truly hungry and never truly full. I don't like it for me, but obviously we're all different!

I use Livestrong as well, and one of the things I pay attention to is the macronutrient ratio pie chart on the right side. I like to keep my ratio at about 30/30/40 P/F/C (which happens to be the Zone diet ratio, but I do it because it works for me). In any case, I like to get around 100g protein a day, and 35-45g fiber. This really helps me stay fuller longer, evens out my blood sugar, and helps me make good choices.

For all of the above, keep in mind that I'm much shorter than you, working to get the last few pounds off, so you get to eat more than me. I'm jealous.

Hope this helps! Good luck!
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