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Wow! first post of the day I am very happy to report that just 4 days since I Have returned from holidays, and ALL the holiday weight is now GONE!... Like i have mentioned, I am back on the IP program full force now, to reach my goal........ and hoping my body has not created a new 'set point' for itself.... the 167 - 169 range...that I will have to work so hard to get out of... but I will do it! It is a GREAT feeling to now know...I can go on holiday..... or out to dinner and KNOW what to eat...and yes... if I go off plan.... and right back on the next day.... its all ok> I will not panic if there is a bit of 'sauce' on my meat way. I used to.......... its not worth it... life is too short. I am not saying dont be careful...cause it all adds up. But dont sweat the small stuff. I have read Dr. Trans' site, and he mentions that if you have a night 'off' just to get back on plan immediately the next day. I spent 7 full days of unlimited drinks and a buffet that would boggle your mind. I went to the pasta bar, yes I did !!!! but ordered 1/2 of the size of serving normally given.... I DID take a slice of thin crust pizza.... but ONE. lots of veggies were the norm.... and YES........ I took some pineapple and some watermelon..... I even ate 1.5 pieces of a brownie during one a la carte dinner on the resort.... !!!! I walked a lot on the beach...and the resort was so large, you HAD to walk a lot or take the shuttle.... we only took it if we were really exhausted, or it was walking a lot was on the schedule I am so glad I did what I did.......but was still its onward towards goal. so to everyone heading off to thier own little piece of paradise... Jamaica etc....... ENJOY it........... when we are in our last days, and look back at our life, I dont think we want to remember our vacations with our loved ones with the thought of ' at least i only ate SALAD'......hhahah. That is my personal rant... have a GREAT IP day everyone.

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