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Originally Posted by PageLynn View Post
I have a quick question for y'all: Do you eat both the AP and some WP? I know previously I ate half my WP but I wasn't working out like I am now. I was barely exercising then if ever. I am now exercising everyday. I am not noticing consistent weight loss (weight fluctuation, but could be due to menstrual issues=2weeksofbleedingyuck!).
There are some weeks I eat both, it just depends on how much I workout and how hard my workouts are. When I first started Weight Watchers I was eating both my activity points and weekly points, the scale still went down a little over 2lbs a week so eating the extra calories didn't affect me.

I am now using my weekly points sparingly but on the days I workout, no matter how many activity points I earn, I always eat an extra 4 points for that particular day. I've worked out everyday this week and instead of sticking with my daily allowance of 25, I eat 29.

Try playing around with the weekly and activity points to see what you're most comfortable with. If you see a gain you'll know you need to cut back on how many extra points you're consuming.
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