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Just a word about Audrey Niffenegger - I LOVED the Time Traveler's Wife, and thought they did a pretty decent job with the movie, but be advised that her latest book - Her Fearful Symmetry - wasn't even nearly as good, in my opinion. Wally Lamb, on the other hand, has written several since She's Come Undone, and all were equally great reads. Yep, that last book of Diana Gabaldon's wasn't quite up to her earlier efforts. Feels forced, somehow. Seems like she just ought to write one grand finale, tying up all the loose ends, and then move on to some other characters (Besides Lord John, I mean - I prefer female protagonists). I have to say that I'm interested in Roger and Brianna's life in the "present" at Lallybrock, though. I wouldn't mind so much if we could have more of them? Oh, I love Anne Rivers Siddons, her characters, and find them very easy to identify with. Oh, lots of good authors on that list of yours, Bobbi...I love the Fannie Flagg books too...they're always good for a few good belly laughs. (Thanks for posting the list again, Bobbi!)
I just finished up a major proposal for work and clicked "send" on the email. Now, maybe I can focus on packing and getting ready to head down to N.C. Looks like we'll be driving into better weather, at least. Massachusetts - including my offices, which is a bit miraculous - is about completely closed for business today. No schools open, no banks, no nothing except essential personnel. The street outside our house is pure white; even the tire tracks can't get down any further than the snow/ice cover. Towering snow piles, but I'm being redundant, aren't I? Same thing - snow - all the time in the northeast, now. Enough to drive you 'round the bend, it is. I just hope we don't lose our electricity before we leave.
Bunti, 45 degrees where you are? Alaska, right? Oh, wow. This is SO crazy! Is this just one of the precursors to the end of the world? Massive climate changes? I can hardly believe what we're getting here on the east coast this year. VERY unusual, to say the least.
PT, I don't know what beloved character died, either. (From Echo in the Bone, I mean.) I should really try to retain more of what I read. I think I'm too used to moving from project to project, and kind of closing the file on one before I start another. Doesn't work so well when you're reading a fictional series.
I'm glad you didn't have to go in to work, Freda. MY dh not only shoveled a path - he cleaned out the driveway, and has headed off to the post office and grocery store. I think he's out of his mind, but on the other hand, having been in the house all day yesterday and today, I imagine he might be a tad stir crazy. He'd never say that, though - no, he had a few "important" things to mail, PLUS felt that we couldn't manage without gallon-size plastic baggies. I must say, it would take WAY more than that to get me outside today!
Omigosh, Lynn! We've still got our electricity, thank goodness! Oh, those pictures of the kitty kats is great! I'll have to post some when I get back from N.C. Gotta love those little furry despots!
Lyn, Bianca is BEAUTIFUL!
Hi Gayle! (Yep....keeping warm is CRITICAL! Close those blinds, wrap up in a nice big fluffy comforter, and drink a hot cuppa something. That's my recipe for days like this, so long as I don't have to go anywhere.)
My gosh, Nancy...where you live sounds like a real country getaway! Bet it's absolutely beautiful, even when it's snow-covered.
Nice pictures, Karen31....a little too WHITE for my current mood, but pretty all the same. You do seem to have found yourself a lovely place to retire to, with the added bonus of being close to family. I sure wish I could get my brood to move somewhere a little warmer...and where property values aren't artificially inflated the way they are here in Massachusetts. (Hope your soup came out good!)
Good grief, Rosey! That's not much food! I'm quite positive that you'll see a sudden drop in your weight at some point in the near future...probably ten or more pounds...and it'll feel like it happened overnight, but in reality, it's happening right now and it's just not showing up on the scale yet.
Congrats on the loss, Tea, and sorry I missed you last time around. I always miss somebody, and am always feeling bad about it. Oh, well. Don't do these things on purpose; it's just that my aging brain can only handle so much information at once.
Hi Laff, ....hope you're doing well and not snowed in anywhere.
Karen3? Where the devil ARE you? Please check in immediately!
Thaaasssss all, folks!


"Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning the devil says, 'OH CRAP, SHE'S UP!'"
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