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Boy the wind really blew last night! I'm so used to hearing rain, that when it blows like that I always think it's raining too...I am just sure I hear it but then wake up to the ground dry. LOL Guess just shows I'm from the NW.

Dh just walked down to the clubhouse for his cinnamon roll. They call it breakfast but he gets it and puts it aside for his evening snack and THEN he splits it (they are large) and will have 1/2 tonight and 1/2 tomorrow night. I wish I could be like that! Yes, Bobbi, I am fortunate that my dh is not a big eater as we share a lot when eating out and I only fix 2 servings at meals and I eat one and often he only eats 1/2 his and then has the other 1/2 for lunch the next day. In fact he eats so little that I sometimes kinda worry about him but his weight has not dropped much. He looks quite slender though.

I did well again yesterday on my eating but didn't get in a walk. Only walked across the street to the bathrooms and laundromat. Hoping to walk today.

Sorry for you all that are in snow still. It is cold to us here...only in 40s this am and still a little windy but it is sunny but the wind is cold.

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