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Good Morning, All...

-11 here, soon to be a high of 7.... and Anchorage is +33!! Go figure!

Freda, Sandra Bullock would be a great Stephanie, but I am sick, sick, sick of Betty White! If she were older, I think Meryl Streep would be a good granny, because she's hysterical and does characters so well. She's too young now to pull it off, though. And, yes, Dewayne Johnson (the Rock??) would be a great Ranger... we'd need a hotsy totsy for Joe Morelli, not some pretty boy wimp. And those are MY opinions ♥ ♥!

KarenMO, I LOVE your neighborhood! The houses remind me of a small town, warm and welcoming and friendly, and I YEARN to live there! Your furbaby seemed pretty enchanted with the view, too!

Lyn, your Bianca is truly lovely. And Lynn, what is the name of your #3 kitty? I saw Harry and Hermoine, but who is the little one in the back of the picture?

Gwen, Bobbi posted a list of our favorite books in the Age 50+ forum, but I couldn't find the list when I just went to check. Bobbi, how is it described? Has it been removed?

TeaGranny, by chance, I saw your comments on a Diana Gabaldon site:
Originally Posted by Tea Granny View Post
I've read them all and have them all I ( and others) were less than dazzled by the last book Echo in the Bone, or should I say the path it is taking. We all cried about the death of a Beloved Character though - I hope that's not too much of a spoiler. Overall I love the series and reread it often. I had a chance to meet Diana G once at a book signing but didn't go because I felt too gross - kicking myself now because I'm pretty sure that she really doesn't care what her fans weigh.
I so agree that the last book was the least of the series. OMG, she does get descriptive with her wars and battles, doesn't she? My brain has died: who is the Beloved Character who died??? And that cliffhanger! I hope she writes another one....... she can't leave us like that!!

Nothing much going on here, just trying to stay warm! At least, we don't have much accumulation to worry about...

Everyone, be warm, dry, and safe... especially those of you on the road! Later.......

If you're not part of the solution, you're just scumming up the bottom of the beaker---unknown
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