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Good Morning......Freda, we only got an inch or so but our temperatures are bad....26 degrees below zero with wind chill.
Happy Groundhogs day everyone.
Crabby Maxines says today, "If the groundhog sees my shadow, that means I've got six weeks of groundhog stew!"
Speaking of stew, I'm making clam chowder for supper tonight. We never drink anything but skim milk but I purchase a quart of whole milk for the chowder.
Ah yes, Ranger is the stud muffin besides Joe Morelli. I get a charge out of Stephanie constantly blowing/burning up her cars except for her parents old Oldsmobile? I think it's blue. I'll have to check and see if there are any new books, she doesn't write them fast enough.
Gwen...I like Nora Roberts too, she's often on the life time movie channel.
Lynard...pretty kitty. Our cat died after 14-15 years and she was long haired, if I ever get another one it'll be short haired. Too many hair balls, yuk!
I tried to attach a picture of our kitty, Bianca

Mary...Good thing your hubby isn't a big eater. It reminded me of DH's grandparents, they were very wealthy people but split everything. They used to fry one egg in butter , then split it!
So far I'm on track today ...had lunch out but we shared.

Nancy...I'm petrified driving on icy roads. I had a Jeep Wrangler for 13 years and that thing was so bad on ice. I lost control of it 4 times, doing spinny things on the highway. DH said it was going to kill me if I didn't sell it, I cried for a week after because I loved that jeep. Funny how people can get attached to stuff.
Rosey...glad to see your tummy is tolerating more food. How's the burns today? My mom used to put a long stainless steel spoon in her glass mason jars before she filled them, she said the spoon directs some of the heat. That might be an old wives tale, your jar could have had a hair line crack and nothing would have prevented it from cracking.
KarenFla...what are ya cooking up today? Yesterday the Barefoot Contessa sliced up some cabbage in thin strips and stir-fried it. I usually steam ours when we eat it but I think stir-frying it would be tasty.
KarenMo...Do you have your Wii Fit in your Woman Cave? I wish you lived by me, I'd come over and use all your equipment. Except the Wii Fit, I sold mine because of my impatience of waiting between the sets.
Hello anyone I missed, off to the kitchen.

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