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Good Morning GG's

We got the snow that was promised. The weather man would HAVE to get it right this time, when they miss so many others. Dh is out trying to make a path. Don't know why, we'r not going anywhere untill the street is plowed. School is closed of course. They called a external disaster day at work. No call in's allowed. One of the nurses couldnt' get to work and they sent an ambulance after her. Wonder what her neighbors thought. I told her she should go home by police car. really give them something to talk about!

Gwen, Haven't decided on Joe but for Ranger, i'm thinking the "rock". I think his name is Dwayne or something like that. He was a wrestler turned star. He just looks the part to me. We made a list of authors we all enjoyed and Bobbi posted them. I'm sure they are all still there. There was some new ones for me too. I'm always reading and looking for new authors!

Lyn, Your kitty is beautiful! And burger king has great salads. I know that's not our first thought, but if you plan ahead you really can eat at fast foods.

Mary, I thought our gas was expensive here, at 3.09!

Karen31, 10 pounds!!! Girlfriend that is so awsome! I'm getting the WII zoomba, a freind has it and says it's lots of fun.

NCNancy, we used to get to wear the cute scrubs to work. I have jackets with all the holidays. But, they changed the dress code and i'm in navy blue! Makes it easy to dress, but awfully dull and boring.

Bobbi, how are you feeling? Did you get any of the snow?

Lynn, House guarded by attack cat!!!!

Bunti, My check engine light comes on occasionally too. It's usually nothing. Hope you have the same luck!

Z, if you are going to still make the trip (don't know what the weather is there) to your sisters, know that you will be getting prayers for a safe trip.

Rosie, You are doing great. And you know you aren't eating too much. Dr's right, give it time.

Gayle, I love looking outside at the snow. Only, of course, if I don't have to get out in it!

Karen, Where are you? Hope everything is well and you're just off to another bridge tourmament, or on a cooking spree.

Tee granny, any loss is better than none! If you don't want it, can I have it?

Hey Donna, You're usually here by now. Hope everything is ok in your neck of the woods!

And stealing from Donna, stay warm, stay safe. Adding my own: stay insdie unless you have to get out there!

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