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Good Morning, All...
-9 right now, supposed to get "up" to 2 degrees today! We got about 2" of snow, and I don't know if the WeatherFools think we'll have more today or not.

PT/Zoe, did you change your picture? I'm obviously a trained observer.... ha! I wondered, too, where all that snow is going to go and if you all are going to have to deal with flooding in a few months? This is CRAZY! Be very safe on your journey, stay in touch, and good thoughts are being sent upward for you and for your nephew.

I've heard only really good things about "King's Speech", so it's on my Netflix list. I just cannot bring myself to spend the money they're asking, even for matinees, at the theaters!

TeaGranny, any loss is a good loss.... unfortunately, your body will know when you're being dedicated, devoted, and GOOD... and will punish you for it! This whole weight thing is a curse!

Rosey, I can't see how you're plateau-ing, since you're caloric intake has to be about 12! How much more have you lost since you were at the 69# gone? Ah, I see by your squiggly that you've lost another 3#. What did the doctor say was an "acceptable/normal" rate of loss? Geez, it looks like you're doing SO WELL!!

Have to go shower, see if the car will start, and then go rescue a miscreant. I'd rather stay inside with a fat cat, an afghan, and a book. Oh, speaking of books, Lynn, the Evanovich Stephanie Plum series IS fun... but I wonder if they'll be your taste? Don't bother, repeat! don't bother, with ANY of her other books... they're terrible!

Onward into the cold...... Warm, safe, and dry, Everyone!

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