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Hi Everyone,

On my way to my volunteer “job,” I hit HEAVY traffic on the PA tpke.

Learned that I can come home via the tpke, but need to go back roads in the morning.

Zoe, my fingers are crossed for you and DH to have a safe trip to NC.

Bobbi, Yes, the stomach problem saved me at the scale on Sunday. I am wondering if for the sake of the team, we would be better off not posting our weight if we gain. Is that cheating?


Originally Posted by Laffalot View Post
Hi all - I'm still here with you. This is the best site. And I feel that I am getting a whole whack of new friends! That's a bonus for sure. I know it is still Jan. but who cares........I'm so glad this site continues. If you all want to see a good movie go see "The King's Speech"; it is amazing. I can see where it has been getting all kinds of nominations. And it is one that you could take your kids wild sex & language is pretty good too. Good to see a good movie with a good story. TTYL.
This site is filled with GREAT women. I am closer to my GG sisters than to some (many?) of my relatives. So glad you found us.
Yes – I LOVED The King’s Speech – no violence, no nudity, and no car chases. What a treat!

Originally Posted by TankiniPotential55 View Post
The hardest part about being a February baby was pronouncing the month--getting that first 'R' in was a doozer for me! Now that I've had 5 decades of practice, however, it just rolls off the tongue...

Laffalot, I too loved 'The King's Speech'. So many good lines...amazing acting by all (Helena Bonham Carter is an amazing actress--did you see her in 'Room With A View'? Simply great.
Hi TP,
Yes Helena Bonham Carter is one of my favorite actresses.

Originally Posted by the slim me View Post
Good Morning Golden Girls,
But we're expecting another BIG snow tomorrow. Thankfully, I don't have to work again Untill Friday.
My mondays after working the weekend are always hectic (I call it ketch-up day) so I'll talk to everyone later. I did read all the posts (so many, we're such an active groups, thank goodness)
Hi Freda,
Hopefully, the weather will clear up before you have to go to work. So far, forecast here is for ice & rain & back to ice.

Originally Posted by glynne View Post
Jane closed the Januray thread, so I moved my post here.
Yea ~ days off and the sun is shining. Monday ~ but is my Sat/Sun like a long weekend.
Mary ~ Where is Indio? Enjoy your travels
Take care
Hi Gayle,
Enjoy your sunny day. Funny – I have been reading “Indio” as Indiana. Hmmm – just did a google search – Indio is in CA.

Originally Posted by jess1 View Post
Good Morning, All....
Happy February!! It's snowing outside!! I don't think we'll get anything like what you poor, put-upon, sacrificial folks are getting this year, but it's something (and we need it so much!)! It is very BRRRR, though, only 9 degrees!
Nothing going on today... hope I can stay inside where it's warm and where I belong! Everyone..... warm, dry, and SAFE!
Hi Donna,
Stay home & stay warm. We are still having LOTS of accidents on the highways near me.

Originally Posted by maryea View Post
We walked 30 min today. My dh is trying to increase his walking time. He has done very well...almost back to normal but still trying to increase his strength. At home we go to the gym, here we walk. We really enjoy our walks.
I sat outside a couple times reading..the first time was great...I had to make myself come in and clean house, but later I tried again and it was too breezy for comfort. But of course it's sunny and no rain, and we keep the door open and I feel much closer to the outdoors when RVing.
Hi Mary, Enjoy that balmy weather – those of us in the snow path are VERY envious!

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