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Good Morning, All....
Happy February!! It's snowing outside!! I don't think we'll get anything like what you poor, put-upon, sacrificial folks are getting this year, but it's something (and we need it so much!)! It is very BRRRR, though, only 9 degrees!

TankiniPotential55, please give us something shorter to call you! And welcome!!

Freda, we've missed you! Glad you're okay and are just working too hard.

PT/Zoe, thinking of you and your trek to Asheville....

Rosey, hope your burns are healing! Bobbi, hope your headache goes away... (certainly, that's tattooed on my withered bosom... doubt you me??? ♥ ♥)

Nothing going on today... hope I can stay inside where it's warm and where I belong! Everyone..... warm, dry, and SAFE!

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