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JM- glad to hear that your recovery is progressing quickly! And by the way – we want any pics, any time. I think you will be surprised at the changes we will be able to see, that you don’t.

Amy – Everything I read when researching ellipticals said that it too almost 2 hours to assemble them – and DH (I always mis-type that as SH – hmmmm) assembled ours in about 1.5 hours too – so I’d say you did well! The biggest thing that I have to pay attention to is that unlike a treadmill, you have to be aware of how hard you are working (mine measures in watts – not sure if all E’s are like that?) Actually that works both ways – I found myself going way to fast in my warm-up and then dogging it a little as I was getting tired. Now I watch the range of watts and go by that.

Angie – Yup, still on IP – but I have been inadvisably on and off since the holidays – and this isn’t really a plan you can do halfway. So, here’s to a total rededication to the protocol. Working out has slowed down my losses, as always happens. Sorry about the cheeseburger casserole! Potatoes are little white devils!!! Congrats on 50lbs!!!

Joni – The plan you read is similar to what my DH does when he follows “Body for Life” – he does 3 400 cal meals, 2 150 cal snacks (1500 total). Simple and easy to follow. He does well on it, but then again, he also does well when he decides limit ANYTHING - like for instance, “I’m going to stop drinking coffee” – and BAM, he loses 10 lbs. How I haven’t killed him yet, I dunno. PS – Hug Beau for me!

Jillian – Soooo not true that we don’t care about your accomplishments!!! I absolutely adore and admire you. Toot your horn, slap yourself on the back, and give yourself a round of applause! You are an inspiration and the best part about you is that you know it and have the strength to believe in yourself.

Barbara – your panty purchasing post cracked me up.
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