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Default I so need help please....

I was on LAWL about 5 years ago and did wonderfully on it - I lost almost 55 lbs and then BOOM - went off program due to the cost and I've put most of the weight back on -- this program is the only one that works for me.

I've rec'd post cards in the mail to do online and mail order for the LA Lites.. I'm still having a problem with the cost and have tried WW several times and it just doesn't work for me.

Can anyone help me with the menu - I believe I was on the purple plan.
Are any bars comparible to the lites..

I'd appreciate any help anyone could give me, I'm desperate. I need to be healthy and get this weight off.

You can leave me a Private message or an answer here, I'll give you my email address as well if you want to be a buddy and chat.

Thanks!!! xoxox Best of luck to everyone

PS... I loved doing the TO juice - I used to by a Mango type at Trader Joe's but they no longer carry it... grr!!
I wonder if Whole Foods carries it - I live in NY.

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