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Cool chocolate au revoir

Originally Posted by happyhappy View Post
Hi Tego,

Hope you like MM, I do. You probably know this already but at the metabolism miracle website there is a blog by the author that is really helpful, particularly the listing of products on June 7, 2009. I especially like having the ghirardelli chocolate square as a 5x5 with dinner.
Hiya, HappyHappy. I did know about the blog but I wasn't aware of the of product listing. I will definitely bookmark the page. When you eat that chocolate square, doesn't it make you want another one? Or is the craving already gone for you?

I have been staring at a recipe for rum chocolate mousse in my old Joy of Cooking for a month now, and I am going to make it today so I can eat it before feb 1. I am really going to miss stuff like that, not that I make chocolate mousse very often, like never, yet. But the idea that I can never eat it again..... at least not for years. Kinda makes me sad, but if I lose weight on MM I guess I won't care so much-- I will have my life back.

Guess I am addicted.
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