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Originally Posted by Joliebug82 View Post
Weigh In 4 is in! 2.2 pounds this week and 7 inches from all over! I love love love it; I am just in Heaven! 2.2 pounds with hormonal craziness and water retention? YEAH! That's the high end of the spectrum for every other diet out there! A good friend came with me, and thank goodness, because Thing 1 and Thing 2 were along for the ride and are into everything now.

I asked my coach about the blueberry-pom drinks as a daily, and he said it's fine, so I'm not sure...I compared the nutrition, and it looks similar to the puddings, am I missing something? I know someone said they were only to be used as a meal/snack three days a week, is there a reason? I think I'm going to use those 4 days and a restricted the other 3 as my snack.

Do that happy dance! You earned it!

<---You, kicking those pounds' butts!!! Wow. That's awesome!

Congratulations! 20 minutes of walking is a GREAT way to start exercising. Your pup will LOVE it.

Ooooh. I want to do it. My closest center is five hours away, though. Let us know how it goes!

You may be surprised! I thought so, too, and was so nervous that I called my mom before I went in just to get it off my chest. Even if you are on a stall, you know your body is being repaired and it WILL move forward!

Great idea! I'm doing the exact opposite, allowing restricted packets a few days a week for now, and if I see a stall, cutting them out. I love your dedication!

I noticed in a picture how my face is thinner, too. Thank goodness! No more balloon! Great NSV with the joints! Keep on going, and soon you may not even be limping!

In my not-so-humble opinion, perfectly put! Thanks for always dishing out such good advice.

I have to agree with Rocky Monarch. I tested the waters a little and wound up with a gain in week 2. You kinda just have to suck it up, Princess (said with much love!) and really work the plan if you want the plan to really work for you.

I love your enthusiasm! After all my research, I asked my coach if I could do an individual workshop and initial consult, and he was happy to. I was ready. When you are, maybe ask. If you ask for what you want, you may be told no, but if you don't ask, you're telling yourself no.

I have to try these! Let me know how they keep. Also, our stats are remarkably similar. Be my buddy?

Awesome! Congrats on that first question, and prepare for MANY more!

That's awesome! I love the plan to stay home. Now you're ready and won't have to deal with all the critics because they already see it working!

I think the purpose of slowly phasing back to normal eating is to realize that occasionally, we can have these things, in moderation. We have to learn not to eat the entire PAN of brownies!

I believe in you, Cajun Queen!

Weird and awesome! Score!
Originally Posted by CheekyWit View Post
WELCOME -- this group has been a fantastic resource for me an a whole lot of support -- Congrats on looser jeans!!!!

You deserve to dance and dance and to know that you ROCK!!!!

AWESOME --isn't it amazing????!!!!! Congratulations to you

YAAAYYYYY for all the NSVs -- I too have those feelings where I think I look bigger then when I started and I weigh myself and I still feel bigger --it is weird and I have no idea why I feel that way. Just know you are not alone on this

I can keep kale chips in a ziploc bag for at least 4-5 days still crisp -- the secret is to make sure they are very dry - remove them immediately from the pan you used to cook them in - lay them on a cooling rack until they are no longer warm - put them in the ziploc -- close the bag leaving it open about an inch -- normally they stay crisp - on day 2 I usually close the bag - hope this helps

WAY TO GO -- that is a FANTASTIC first week --I bet everyone was in awe

How cool is that???? What a weird and wonderful NSV!!!

That is a NSV worthy of a shout out and celebration -- heartburn is AWFUL!!! Soooo thrilled for you

Thank you for this awesome post and for all of your awesome posts - I read and reread every single one of them - they are full of gems and great wisdom which is as important as loosing the weight itself - loosing one part and gaining another --thanks again!!!!

WAAHOOOOO - pounds and inches!!!!!!! - thanks for the pep talk and motivation - I have hope my WI tomorrow will go as well --I always get a kick out of reading what you have to say --That is an awesome loss - NEVER have I lost even close to 2 pounds in a week on ANY other diet - so 2.2 well that is a happy dance and a few cartwheels (if I could still do them)

Sooo funny - to keep it simpler you didn't tell him you lost weight --I do the same thing (just don't really want to get into it -- you would think after trying so hard we would want to shout it from the top of every tree and building) -- That is a happy and personal NSV!!!!

Clapping loudly for you...It is still a loss -- and 7 pounds to goal -- that must be an amazing feeling and an amazing feat!!!!! You will have to let us know how week 9 goes --I am always curious about these things!!! Congratulations on the weight loss, the discovery with your coach and your journey so far!!!!

LOVE your new Avatar -- you look great!!!! WAY TO GO on your weight loss -- 53 pounds in 14 weeks impressive and exciting -- It is so motivating and inspiring to see everyone loosing weight -- you are contributing to my inner "I can do this" dialogue - thank you!
Originally Posted by showgirlaz View Post
OK.. Just trying to get caught up here!! Ya'll have been so busy!

If I miss anyone, and I may have to shorten this post, congratulations on all the NSVs. Feeling in control, fitting into new clothing, having better health (and dental health too) I read so many wonderful things! I am very happy for each of you!

For those who lost weight, Don't you feel GREAT!! I love when I have a weigh in that I DIDN'T anticipate (in the positive direction)! It leaves me feeling extra energetic for the day!

So again, apologies if I don't comment directly, I did read each post and truly love and value the comments and inspiration each gave to me.

Congratulations on the rapid change in size! It is so amazing how our bodies respond when we finally give what they need! Are you like us ladies, do you just feel amazed as you put on something you haven't been able to get in for sometime?

I love that this diet helps us retrain our families! So many others have made similar comments about their family. I think it is valuable and important. Just think of the great lessons your daughter is getting out of this. Hopefully she learns now how to keep her body healthy from watching you change yours!

I read this and got the BIGGEST SMILE! You are adorable! I agree it is more fun when you have people to do this with.

You are doing so GREAT!! I can't wait to see you make goal! Keep it up!

YEAH!! I saw you were going to do that! I think it is important. It should help with having an idea of how much you need to eat and what it will take to lose or maintain. I think having that information is more important the more active we are.

I am glad you are back to dancing. I know you were trying to do some during phase 1 but, this sounds like something you love very much and enjoy participating in more than occasionally.

Thanks!! Trust me I am not the IP Queen. I think that may have been Novak, maybe one day she will pop in and say hi! She ROCKED this program, did it right, and got amazing results that really lasted. I am just someone who reads, researches, and remembers. (I think I also like to talk )

I love the anecdotes about Alexis. I so understand. Levi chewed on the drip system a bit as a puppy and was done by the time he was 2. Chanel... OH CHANEL! She is crazy and hyper and nothing seems to phase her. She is more into my plants and loves plastic so, damage is a bit more. I keep trying to remind myself she is only 1 and still a puppy and it is all part of the territory for her. Fortunately, it is also all replaceable!

I am so glad you are still checking in and here with us too! It is ok if you stall. I know CRAZY! You will have some point where you lose more than you thought you would. Your body is making lots of adjustments on different levels and not all can be measured on a scale. Patience is a wonderful thing at this point.

You have every reason to be excited. It is a MAGNIFICENT weigh in! Congratulations!!

Thank you! It is easy to be positive when the program works so well. It is nice to have that as momentum to move forward with.

I have been reading your posts too. Your are such a kind person and so considerate. Thank you for all the wonderful advice and motivation you are sharing.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I loved being able to slip backwards through my closet as I SHRUNK INTO my clothes! It is great you have things in your wardrobe/storage to be able to get back into. It will definitely save some cash as you get to the size you want to be.

Read about gluconeogenesis or ketosis and gluconeogenesis if you want to know more.

Basically we can't make protein from carbs but, our bodies have the ability to make fuel from all sources and to create fuel, we first make a form of a sugar. So, proteins, aminos, & fats are all able to be turned into some form of a sugar and some do become a glucose or a glycogen.

Thanks! It was. Nothing to fancy but, a needed change in flavors.

have you thought of trying to do a phase 1 using alternate products or a phase 2 using an alternate protein. There are many vegan and dairy free proteins on the market. For instance, you can get pea protein or chia protein. I would suggest going to a health food store and asking what they have that is dairy free. Maybe between that and a few of the IP (IP like) packets you could do a phase 1 or phase 2. Phase 2 might be easier if you only have limited protein supplement options as you would only need 2 a day. I wouldn't do phase 3. It is far too high in calories to get the same results and it is designed to force your body to make insulin in the morning so, the objective of that phase is opposite what you need to do to lose easily.

Some coaches have provided that guideline for those who want to see more rapid loss, who are slow losers, or who are feeling stalled.

IMHO, it isn't necessary. Everything I have read says if you keep it under 30 total for 2 weeks you should be able to stay under 60 total and still be in ketosis. It is pretty solid that under 40 total carbs you will be in ketosis for all but a small group of people.

Some people NEED more carbs in their diet to be healthy. They process them better than others. If you are losing, and not just a tiny amount if you are significantly overweight, then the restricted items are likely not a problem for you.

Each of us is unique so a bit of "try it and see" comes into play with this plan.

I found my joints improved too! I was always achy. Not after about 3 weeks on the diet though!

I was hypothyroid when I started the diet. I was just being diagnosed and was not yet on meds. I found it interesting that by the time I was done with the diet, I was back to a very normal tsh and t3/t4 (free). In fact, today my tsh is at 1.12 when I was near a 4! I can only attribute that to the diet and to getting more iodine than I was.

Even if you have high blood pressure, it is recommended you use some of the sea salt. If you are in ketosis and getting plenty of water, you will be urinating more and losing salt. The sea salt will help stabilize you. As you lose weight, you will find the BP can drop pretty quickly on this plan. Stay in close contact with your doctor as you many have to have medications changed. Some have had to do this as early as the end of week 2.

I am guess the stall in weight was to do with the type of sodium in the sardines. Packaged foods can make us retain water. If it wasn't packed in sea salt, processed salt is a chemical and has a slightly different reaction in our body. Drink more water today and you will see a loss again soon.

I was told it is in small portions. I just substitute it for my 1oz milk.

You are right! That part is the diet really is glossed over. We had a discussion about it on here last spring but, it really hasn't come up much since.

I find it interesting that you are working with scientist studying the impact. Is there anything you are able to share? I know from my reading going to far alkaline or acid is harmful to the body and can open it up to a variety of issues or disease but, being acid is worse for disease and more apparent in the short run too.

I have some pretty exciting news to share. My chiro office called me this morning to inform me that the next workshop is FEB 16th (weds) 2 days after my birthday, so I asked her to put me on the list. Here's my dealio. She told me that they can do the consultation that night after the workshop (yea!) which would work out really good, since I would like to start the plan on a Thursday or Friday (in case I feel ucky the first few days) I have the weekend, instead of being miserable at work. So with that said, if I started IP the following day after my workshop, I need to be ready with good veggies and proteins in the house. I have started a grocery shopping list for that first week on IP, so if anyone thinks of anything that I could add to the list, please feel free to tell me.

The thought of WF is kind of freaking me out... lol. Did I read somewhere what kind of vinegar we can use?

Best of luck to those who have WI's today and big pats on the back for those who are doing fantastic and not caving into your cravings.

I will be one of you guys very soon!!!
I was told apple cider vinegar is best. I use Braggs unfiltered. I also use a natural rice vinegar with 0/0/0 for cal/fat/carb and an occasional red wine vinegar that is also 0/0/0. I must say the ACV is my go to item!

I would add kale, cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, lots of lettuce, cucumber, mushroom, spinach, and zucchini. I found i could do many things with those. And you MUST try kale chips at least once!

I did that, every day! I finally kept a journal of "what I want to eat again". It helped me to not cheat by writing it down and knowing "ONE DAY" I could.

NO, you never get to the point you don't care. Even long term low carb dieters still want them but, they want a new thing, they don't crave the old desserts and treats exactly but, they must still want them but they tend to make up replacement recipes similar to old recipes.

To be successful you have to be willing to do as those people did, change your lifestyle, learn to make things LIKE what you liked before but, in a healthier fashion.

I no longer care for brownies (story told, won't do that to ya'll again!). I don't care for pizza anymore either ( it was my favorite comfort food). I still want them but, now, when I get the urge I almost simultaneously remember how I feel after eating it, that it tastes different to me, and I LOGICALLY know, that combination of food is not what my body can handle. It makes it very easy to pass up. I took 8 months of learning not to eat things. I also learned I LIVED well without them. I had nothing off the unrestricted foods lists, not even tomatoes for 6 months. So, I believe, if you are willing to look at this as a protocol for health and a program to change your lifestyle, believe it whole heartedly and follow it as if you do, YOU WILL find that you can make permanent change.

They can only be used 3, maybe 4 days a week and not the same days as the jello. There are not enough aminos and it could effect your health and weight loss if done too often for too long.

I hope you don't mind, I added your tip (and credited you) to my post for the kale chips. I would hate to have a tip like that lost in the daily threads!!

Here is a link to the recipe 2 thread. I am sure there are several posts on kale chips. My post on how to make them is post #17.[/QUOTE]

Joliebug - I would love to be your buddy! Reach out!

Thank you for the tips on the Kale Chips. I sealed the page last night and they got funny so I tossed them. Now i know keep the ziplock bag open a couple of days. Thanks again
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