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Joni, My next dog is going to be one that is expected to live a long time and not have a lot of health problems, since it is so hard to see them sick or lose them. I hope your baby is just fine. My last dog was a Shar Pei and they are not the healthiest dogs.

Terri, 2.5 pounds is really great!

Angie, I hope you are having a quick recovery from the gall bladder and that you are not bothered by anything after the surgery. Although I do have to say that my one girlfriend who had hers out and then could not eat fatty foods without it bothering her has been super thin ever since.

JM, I suppose with what you lost before you had the surgery any before pictures would be from before that really. Not that the before is all that important, but we all love to see dramatic transformations, and I have a feeling you are on the cusp of having one yourself. I'm glad you are feeling better every day. Only 2 weeks off work is great for such a life changing thing. How nice that the sun has decided to shine for you so much when you are off.

Amy, I was amazed that you did the hour and 34 minutes on the elliptical, and then I read the rest! LOL! I think if you start slow you can talk yourself into doing it since who doesn't have 10 minutes and how bad can 10 minutes be. I need to start using ours more often. I'm considering making an appointment with myself to do it.
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