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Originally Posted by Aunt Sheshie View Post
From FitBodyFix:

This hits the nail on the head, in my case... at Thanksgiving & Christmas, I found myself explaining my goals & motivation to do IP to a multitude of relatives... a little of what I told them was true, but it was mostly feel-good stuff that I knew I wouldn't be judged for so harshly... in other words, stuff I knew they wanted to hear... I never shared the goals & motivations I've felt comfortable posting on this forum, I knew they'd sound unrealistic or too extreme to my family... the problem with that since then, I think, is that I lost sight of my real goals & motivations... in the beginning I didn't think they were unrealistic, so why should I think so now?.. I've seen how this new & wonderful way of eating works & know that I CAN reach my goals as long as I keep them in sight...

Paddling back out to catch the perfect wave... hugs
OMG this was the most amazing post EVER!!!! I needed to hear this not only for my weightloss goals but for my life goals! it is so easy for me to settle and just coast. i don't want to coast i want to "achieve" and i am going to do what i have to do to get the ball rolling. i am so good at starting the ball down the's keeping it going that i struggle with. THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!
on a side note...i'm super stoked cause i'm going to go home and try on all those tons of clothes i brought out of hiding and i'm going to divide them up like this: "totally fits can wear it now", "i can get it over my butt but can't button it", and "i can get it over my knees". If you can't tell by these catagories...i'm a TOTAL PEAR!!! so i'll divide the shirts up the same way but it's the pants that are gonna be the most gratifying! lol this will be my evening workout!

One for every 5 pounds i've gotten rid of:

WI#1: -5.6; WI#2: -3; WI#3: -3; WI#4: -2; WI#5: -3.8; WI#6:+5 or so (totally not on plan this week); WI#7: -4.6

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