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Weigh In 4 is in! 2.2 pounds this week and 7 inches from all over! I love love love it; I am just in Heaven! 2.2 pounds with hormonal craziness and water retention? YEAH! That's the high end of the spectrum for every other diet out there! A good friend came with me, and thank goodness, because Thing 1 and Thing 2 were along for the ride and are into everything now.

I asked my coach about the blueberry-pom drinks as a daily, and he said it's fine, so I'm not sure...I compared the nutrition, and it looks similar to the puddings, am I missing something? I know someone said they were only to be used as a meal/snack three days a week, is there a reason? I think I'm going to use those 4 days and a restricted the other 3 as my snack.

Originally Posted by Vanessa333 View Post
I have to confess I did a dance in my bedroom this morning when I found out for those 2 pounds!!!! I was so excited!
Do that happy dance! You earned it!

Originally Posted by reinergirl View Post
I lost 12 pounds and 14.75 inches!!!!!!!!!! I cannot beleive it. I thought the scale was off. I even asked em to reweigh me.
<---You, kicking those pounds' butts!!! Wow. That's awesome!

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WI # 3 = another 3 pounds GONE!!! AND turns out they did their math wrong and that first week I got rid of 5.6 not 4.6 like I had thought. So that was like an additional hooray. So 11.6 in 3 weeks.
i ALSO think i am going to start exercising. my coach said to just take an extra protein packet before i do my exercise and to just start slow. I have a 6.5 month old rottweiler at home that i think would LOVE to take me on a walk everyday when i get home for 20 min. so i'm gonna start there. I also asked about the restricted packets and she said they are adviced to not give them out till phase 3 in most cases. but if i have a stall from exercise she said we can try adding in a few of those a week and see if that is what i need.
I am EXCITED and feel reinvigorated for IP!! LOVE IT!!!
Congratulations! 20 minutes of walking is a GREAT way to start exercising. Your pup will LOVE it.

Originally Posted by Marionm View Post
I just had to share... this morning I sent an inquiry off to UNI where they have the BOD POD machine and I received such a quick response that I have an appointment to have it done Monday morning. Our location charges $30 for the first test and then $20 for follow up testing. I think that is really worth it to me because it will give me a true vision of where I'm at in body fat. They also have the water tank if I want to do that as well, but I didn't inquire about the cost for it.

I know I must be crazy to be anxious to have someone measure my body fat, but hey, it's got to be better now that it was 86 pounds ago!
Ooooh. I want to do it. My closest center is five hours away, though. Let us know how it goes!

Originally Posted by CheekyWit View Post
I think I have had the dreaded week 3-4 stall
You may be surprised! I thought so, too, and was so nervous that I called my mom before I went in just to get it off my chest. Even if you are on a stall, you know your body is being repaired and it WILL move forward!

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I was allowed restricted's from the start but decided that I wanted to follow what was written on the sheets and they said no restricted's for the first 2-3 weeks. I think now that I am on week 3 I will just keep going and stay away from the restricted's. Just keep motoring on with basic protocol, I would hate to treat restricted's like "snacks". If I need them later when I start exercise or weight training I will consider them or just add a packet.
Great idea! I'm doing the exact opposite, allowing restricted packets a few days a week for now, and if I see a stall, cutting them out. I love your dedication!

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People keep asking me if I've gotten my hair cut...I can only guess that 'something' looks different about my face but they can't figure it out. I notice it's not nearly as round.

But a WIN for me is that my joints are feeling MUCH better. I've been able to walk down the stairs. Still hurts - but I'm not limping down them anymore.
I noticed in a picture how my face is thinner, too. Thank goodness! No more balloon! Great NSV with the joints! Keep on going, and soon you may not even be limping!

Originally Posted by I'm svelting! View Post
In my not so humble opinion, the definitive answer about the impact of eating restricted items is, "Who knows?"
In my not-so-humble opinion, perfectly put! Thanks for always dishing out such good advice.

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Hmmm, I stalled my weight loss on day 4. Yesterday was day 4 for me and I felt just awful, truly awful, physically exhausted and sort of ill. At one point my face got cold and clammy like I might pass out - I called my Dr. and she said to have some salt - which I haven't been doing because I have high blood pressure. But I dipped some celery stalks in salt and did feel better. But I went off program in several small ways. I didn't have any vanilla protein drink and used a bit of half and half in my (half cup) of decaf coffee. I irrationally and rabidly wolfed down a tin of sardines with my lunch salad. I went out to dinner for the first time last night and had an ahi tuna burger without bun, but ate some of the tartar sauce on it, and had a drizzle of regular ranch on my salad. I even had another 3 ounces of chicken breast when I got home that night. This morning is the first day since Saturday that I've not lost weight. Now, I've been having more protein than they allow almost every day - but everything else was okay. All of the items I consumed seemed low carb to me, the tartar sauce was not sweet - no sweet pickle relish and I only had a teaspoon. But I'm concerned that I'm already turning to protein that isn't in the IP packets, which I'm still trying out the different flavors from my starter bag and they're all starting to taste a little bit like paper mache. I have to find things that I can enjoy/tolerate consuming. I liked the oatmeal, I liked the omelette, I haven't tried any of the pancakes because I don't want the carbs. Anybody have any thoughts and advice for me? Many thanks. I've lost 4 lbs. since I started Saturday.
I have to agree with Rocky Monarch. I tested the waters a little and wound up with a gain in week 2. You kinda just have to suck it up, Princess (said with much love!) and really work the plan if you want the plan to really work for you.

Originally Posted by Coloradodivegirl View Post
I have some pretty exciting news to share. My chiro office called me this morning to inform me that the next workshop is FEB 16th (weds) 2 days after my birthday, so I asked her to put me on the list. Here's my dealio. She told me that they can do the consultation that night after the workshop (yea!) which would work out really good, since I would like to start the plan on a Thursday or Friday (in case I feel ucky the first few days) I have the weekend, instead of being miserable at work. So with that said, if I started IP the following day after my workshop, I need to be ready with good veggies and proteins in the house. I have started a grocery shopping list for that first week on IP, so if anyone thinks of anything that I could add to the list, please feel free to tell me.

The thought of WF is kind of freaking me out... lol. Did I read somewhere what kind of vinegar we can use?

Best of luck to those who have WI's today and big pats on the back for those who are doing fantastic and not caving into your cravings.

I will be one of you guys very soon!!!
I love your enthusiasm! After all my research, I asked my coach if I could do an individual workshop and initial consult, and he was happy to. I was ready. When you are, maybe ask. If you ask for what you want, you may be told no, but if you don't ask, you're telling yourself no.

Originally Posted by Beachbella View Post
Also I left work early today due to the snow we are having and had a bag of Kale in the refrig. I decided to make the Kale chips. All I can say is OMG....YUMMY!

Does anyone know how long they keep for? I had a huge back of Kale and used the whole bag and just do not know how long they will last in an airtight container?
I have to try these! Let me know how they keep. Also, our stats are remarkably similar. Be my buddy?

Originally Posted by JCWilkie View Post
I got my first "Have you lost weight?" Today! It felt great!
I haven't lost all that many lbs or inches but my face is thinner.
Awesome! Congrats on that first question, and prepare for MANY more!

Originally Posted by Adnamaj View Post
I started IP on 1/18/11 and I had my first weigh in yesterday! Guess what guys? I'm down a total of 13lbs! I feel amazing and everyone at work was shocked! I researched and planned for this diet for about a couple of months. I was oh so afraid that I would have had a bad reaction to the foods and that it wouldn't work. With that in mind I took vacation time off from work during my first week, and when I returned to work everyone was in awe! I really didn't expect it to be that significant! I want to take the time to thank each and everyone of you for supporting this forum your posts and responses have helped me a lot.

13lbs down & 47lbs to go!
That's awesome! I love the plan to stay home. Now you're ready and won't have to deal with all the critics because they already see it working!

Originally Posted by kjw83 View Post
Does anyone else have thoughts like I have? I`m on day 14, and haven`t cheated once; I feel great, ect. But I catch myself thinking things like "when this is done I can eat those brownies, or I can`t wait to make that cake or just lots of things, really! Do you get to the point where you don`t care if you never eat desserts or potatoes or things like that again?? I don`t really have cravings and right now I don`t care TOO much that I can`t eat that stuff...I`m just really afraid that I`ll get done with the program and start thinking that I can eat all that stuff again! I love to cook and bake, and I`m afraid that will be a downfall. Anyone else have these same thoughts?!
I think the purpose of slowly phasing back to normal eating is to realize that occasionally, we can have these things, in moderation. We have to learn not to eat the entire PAN of brownies!

Originally Posted by machbasy View Post
9.4 lbs to go. So close but yet so far. LOL
I believe in you, Cajun Queen!

Originally Posted by Rach can do it View Post
I have kindof a weird NSV that I have just discovered. Since I was little I have always gotten a horrible winter cough that never goes away until spring or until I get into warmer whether. I go to the doctor every year and it is never an infection just a "viral" thing that cant be treated with medicine.

This year as usual I was on about month 2 of this cough in Dec. Since about day 3 of doing IP I HAVE NOT COUGHED!!!! I don't even feel like I have too. It is the greatest feeling ever!

This really makes me wonder if I had some sort of food allergy or if this is just a wonderful result of IP. I love this diet!
Weird and awesome! Score!
Be Fantastic!
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