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From FitBodyFix:

Don't Be Realistic When Setting Your Fat Loss Goals - and Finally Achieve Your True Potential

While you need to truly believe in your reason for working towards a goal, sometimes it is important to suspend disbelief and allow yourself to dream big! We are told to keep our goals realistic, and while there is some merit in this on a purely practical level, it can often leave us selling ourselves short.

How many stories have you heard about people who fulfil their wildest dreams, things they never thought they’d actually be able to achieve, but they went for it anyway. Most famous musicians and actors are in this category – they dared to dream, took the risk and now have the success to show for it.

We often talk ourselves down at this point – of course, they just happened to be at the right place at the right time, and we’d never be that lucky. As we grow up we are often taught to ‘know our place’ rather than following our dreams, as our parents try to protect us from disappointment and failure.

I can understand why parents want to protect us from this, but failure is such an important part of life. It is our failures that teach us the most important lessons, and surely it is better to ‘fail forward fast’ or not quite hit the high target we set for ourselves, than to achieve much less, staying in the safe zone, protecting ourselves from the feeling of failure but achieving much less in the process?

Learning to fail is what will truly make us stronger, so we have to be prepared for this. As Lao Tsu said, ‘it’s not about never falling, it’s about getting up every time we fall’. Every professional surfer in the world knows this – we look at them in awe as they carve up a huge wave, but they have endured their fair share of wipeouts. It is their ability to get back up and give it another go that gets them to world-class level.

If you are aged 40 and want to get the figure you had in your 20s back, some people will suggest you come up with a more ‘realistic’ goal. But if that ‘realistic’ goal doesn’t inspire you then you may find that the compromises you are making to get there seem too much to bear. Why can’t you look even better than you did in your 20s? There is absolutely no reason why not, so long as you set your mind to it and take the steps needed to get there.

The fact that you can get truly excited about the prospect of losing 30lb and how fantastic you will feel, means you are actually more likely to succeed. You know it is going to be hard, but the outcome is worth all your hard work. The challenges you face along the way will pale into insignificance in comparison. In comparison, aiming to lose just 5lb is just not so inspiring – it won’t have such a drastically positive effect on your life, so makes the temptations you face along the way harder to resist.

So, don’t let your view of what is realistic right now hold you back. Think about what you really want to achieve – dare to dream, and dream big!

Then break that dream down, and figure out how you can get there. It won’t happen overnight, but with the right strategies and consistent action you will get there! Having a step-by-step plan in place means your dream will inspire you, without making you feel overwhelmed. Keep your focus on realising that dream – and spend time around other people who encourage you to achieve it and believe in you.
This hits the nail on the head, in my case... at Thanksgiving & Christmas, I found myself explaining my goals & motivation to do IP to a multitude of relatives... a little of what I told them was true, but it was mostly feel-good stuff that I knew I wouldn't be judged for so harshly... in other words, stuff I knew they wanted to hear... I never shared the goals & motivations I've felt comfortable posting on this forum, I knew they'd sound unrealistic or too extreme to my family... the problem with that since then, I think, is that I lost sight of my real goals & motivations... in the beginning I didn't think they were unrealistic, so why should I think so now?.. I've seen how this new & wonderful way of eating works & know that I CAN reach my goals as long as I keep them in sight...

Paddling back out to catch the perfect wave... hugs
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