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Originally Posted by esammy12 View Post
Hmmm, I stalled my weight loss on day 4. Yesterday was day 4 for me and I felt just awful, truly awful, physically exhausted and sort of ill. ... But I went off program in several small ways. I didn't have any vanilla protein drink and used a bit of half and half in my (half cup) of decaf coffee. I irrationally and rabidly wolfed down a tin of sardines with my lunch salad. I went out to dinner for the first time last night and had an ahi tuna burger without bun, but ate some of the tartar sauce on it, and had a drizzle of regular ranch on my salad. I even had another 3 ounces of chicken breast when I got home that night. This morning is the first day since Saturday that I've not lost weight. Now, I've been having more protein than they allow almost every day - but everything else was okay. All of the items I consumed seemed low carb to me, the tartar sauce was not sweet - no sweet pickle relish and I only had a teaspoon. But I'm concerned that I'm already turning to protein that isn't in the IP packets, which I'm still trying out the different flavors from my starter bag and they're all starting to taste a little bit like paper mache. I have to find things that I can enjoy/tolerate consuming. I liked the oatmeal, I liked the omelette, I haven't tried any of the pancakes because I don't want the carbs. Anybody have any thoughts and advice for me? Many thanks. I've lost 4 lbs. since I started Saturday.
hey esammy, congratulations for deciding to take control of your life and your health, but I've got to send you some tough love, ok?

You are not going to get rid of cravings, learn to like the packets or lose weight effectively if you only follow IP in a "when it's convenient" way. Unlike other weight loss programs, IP is based on specific chemistry processes going on in your body. Tartar sauce, extra whole protein, ranch dressing etc. are simply not on protocol, and you don't get to "bargain" on what seems "ok" to eat. Getting into (and staying in) ketosis isn't just a sideline, it is the core of IP. And following the specific plan with specific foods (and NO OTHERS) is IP. What you are doing is not an IP plan.

I think you need to either fully commit to the plan or find a different plan that will fit better with your other choices. Otherwise you are wasting an awful lot of money on something that in the end won't work, and that would just be awful for you.

If you DO fully commit, and follow the IP program, here is what I can promise you:
--after a few days you will be much less hungry (and for the first week, most coaches say you can have 4 or even 5 packets a day if you are still hungry--but not more whole protein)
--after a couple weeks the taste of the packets will be much more palatable. A lot of people start out hating some packets that later become their favorites. As you get your brain/body used to foods that are not full of sugars and other additives (as almost all pre-made and restaurant foods are) you will find your tastes will change significantly
--you will lose weight and feel so, so much better, with more energy than you have ever had before

I hope you decide to go the IP route, and that we can all help you along the way. The first 7-10 days are the hardest, so take it one meal at a time and suddenly you'll be in the groove!

Originally Posted by Beachbella View Post
I had a huge back of Kale and used the whole bag and just do not know how long they will last in an airtight container?
Sadly, I think you will find they only last a couple hours. When I have tried this, they are never that great on re-runs. But let me know if you figure out a way to make them work, as it would sure be easier if I could make them in a big batch! stay warm...

Originally Posted by serendipityberry View Post
Would you mind posting a few that are highest in protein? I don't see the boxes since my coach sells singles only. Thanks!
here is a link to a table that a bunch of IP'ers have created. it has all the protein/carbs etc.

if you buy products and they have changed, please update the chart.
Note there are tabs along the bottom so you can compare IP to alternative products too.

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