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Originally Posted by slickmouse View Post
ok - I'm really wanting to get my weight ticker - so I think I need to start posting more.

WI#2 is for tomorrow and I'm expecting at least a 2lb loss - hopefully more. I weigh at home each morning - realizing things fluctuate - but that's ok.

Funny how our minds play tricks on us - I was convinced as I went to bed last night that I had gained. Woke up this morning feeling fatter than when I started this...but ACTUALLY I had lost another .5lb and I'm comfortably wearing a pair of jeans today that I haven't been able to wear in months. Now - why in the world did I feel 'fat' this morning? Weird.

People keep asking me if I've gotten my hair cut...I can only guess that 'something' looks different about my face but they can't figure it out. I notice it's not nearly as round.

Still loving this diet. My only concern is if it's messing with my thyroid meds. These past few days I've been getting more tired. I take 12mcg Cytomel in the am and 12 around noonish. I sometimes can skip the noon and be fine - but these past few days I've needed it and still have trouble staying alert. I can also tell when I'm off my meds b/c in the mornings I have an 'uncoordinated' feeling about my legs/arms when I first get up. It goes away if my levels are good - but have noticed it returning these past few days.

I go tomorrow for updated bloodwork - so will be curious to see how that is.

But a WIN for me is that my joints are feeling MUCH better. I've been able to walk down the stairs. Still hurts - but I'm not limping down them anymore.

Loving this!
Do you take a T4 as well (Synthroid)? I have noticed myself being a bit more tired on IP as well and wondered about my TSH....but I figure if my TSH goes up a bit from the soy, it will be counteracted by my weight loss. I will be curious to know how your levels have changed once on IP!
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