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Seems to me like I've seen a thread covering that topic or seen some posts about it, you may want to check out all the threads under IP. I personally think it would be a good idea for your mom to talk to her doctor.

Showgirl... I loved reading your post. Congrats on being choosen to speak about IP, we know you will do great! After all, you are the IP Queen!

Yes, my Alexis also LOVES to chew on rocks, and eat the dirt out of my braided ficus that's in my livingroom *eyeroll* She hasn't ruined any of my sprinkler heads yet (not that I know of) but she keeps bringing pieces of speghetti tubing that is on the deck for wating all my rail baskets. Thank god hubby owns his owner sprinkler business...looks like he's gonna have work to do in the spring. Last summer she loved the choco baskets, by the end of summer, she had all the baskets chewed to bits. I sure hope she has out grown that.

I hope you all have a positive day!
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