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Originally Posted by shannysmomma View Post
I have the gluten free options for starch that I have posted before & underneath the box that shows the options (like potato, sweet potato, brown rice, etc) it says "any gluten free bread or pasta product can be consumed in 40 calorie servings in place of starch for Meta Slim and Meta Balance"
I was talking to a friend that is doing this on her own and she has used the noodles. We don't see why you can't use them because they are a starch and they are gluten free so the pretty much fit the criteria. As long as it is only a 40 calorie serving I think it should be fine.
Okay, now this is good news. Thanks so much shannysmomma!

I can imagine anything being any better in a stir fry -- not anything!
I rinsed them well, then placed them on parchment paper in a backing dish in a hot oven as the directions specified from Miracle Noodle which left them without the fishy odor they have when you first open them, as they are packed in a fishing-smelling liquid. I did not taste that at all though. And I cooked them a bit in the stir fry which changed (softened) their consistency some. So I liked that. Good luck if you give them a try.

Am back for Round 2, beginning 3/7.
Not until you push yourself to the limit and then past that, will you begin to realize "exactly what" you are capable of handling physically & mentally. Yes it's scary, hard, & exhausting. But, when you challenge yourself & strive to work harder than you ever have at the beginning of each day, when you finally stop to, you'll be more positive than anxious about your future!

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