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Originally Posted by Josephine216 View Post

CutieElie, I do beleive you are trying to self sabotage my friend! What do you think? I would know the symptoms, I've done it myself. My advice it so stop looking at the scale for a while (like 1 week! I know!) and follow protocol (to the letter Misses!). Once you are 2-3 pounds under the 200's you can resume to check the scale as often as you want. Stop sabotaging!! You can do this, we can all do this!
Originally Posted by Marionm View Post
I hope you'll take this as a little tough love, but losing weight takes self-discipline--something I was greatly lacking. I'm a person that looks at the big picture and for me, it just seemed unachievable. But then I started reading a couple of books by Matthew Kelly...the first was The Rhythm of Life and the second is called Perfectly Yourself: Nine Lessons for Enduring Happiness. I highly recommend them, but I can share the most important lesson I learned... each moment we make a choice... we can choose to be the best version of ourselves or we can choose to be a lesser version of ourselves.... the choice is ours... the choice is YOURS. I couldn't make a choice to change my life entirely, but at this moment in time, I can choose to be a better person. That's how I did it... one moment a time. When I wanted to eat something off my plan, I reminded myself that I was the boss of my body--not the other way around. When we let our bodies and bad habits we have made control us, we are not free. Little by little, it got much easier.

You can do this, you just need to keep choosing to do the right thing... over and over!

These were from yesterday but I just wanted to say a HUGEEEEEEEEEE THANK YOU!!! YOu guys make me realize so many things and by reading this I know I can do better and I know that I need to learn so much and trust myself more and eventually it will come together!!!

I so wished we could do this all together other than virtually..kinda like The Biggest :P
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