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Originally Posted by dgirl View Post
Hi Everyone, I hope everyone's day went well. Mine started out that way, a good 1 hour of exercise, did some cleaning, trying very hard to stay on program and have followed it to a T since Sunday. Did not eat properly today (didn't get in my 4 cups of veggies which I don't all the time) and fell off tonight with a bang. I have been slipping up for the past four weekends. Foodwise and vodka. I fell off at Christmas and have not been faithful to the program since. I love this program, I remember having that feeling of no cravings and loving it. I have 36 lbs off since October 15/10 and have another 40 to my goal. Any suggestions to rev things up for a big loss week and hopefully that will motivate me to get on track again.
Dgirl Judy (petiteandcute) had a great suggestion for you in yesterday's thread -- find one thing that motivates you and, to quote, "use it, use it, use it"

Another thought, don't focus on the what happened over Christmas. We'll all step off a program of what we know is best for us from time to time. It can be overwhelming to look at another extended time period. Don't worry about the scale and the reults at your next weigh-in. Aside the first week when many but not all people drop >5 lbs, there's really nothing to predict when you will have a surprisingly large drop at the scale.

I remember reading about an doctor who has created a program with similar principles as IP. She wrote something like -- People think they have to lose weight to get healthy; how it works is they have to get healthy to lose weight. It's hard to tell what our miraculous bodies are healing when we have those unexplained .5 lb weeks, but trust the diet and your body. Some important stuff is going on and you will burn the fat you want burned -- just not when your mind says so.

Focus on what you need to get back on track for the next meal. One meal at a time.

Originally Posted by darbs7 View Post
Wow.....I could have written this....(minus being on my lifetime eating for 6 weeks and down 11 pounds...just 1 1/2 weeks and down 2 pounds) I miss the super fast weight loss, but I am so proud that I am eating so well and losing and getting some great exercise in. I get depressed when I think that it will take me 4-5 months to lose 25 pounds when it took me 4 months to lose 58, but I am so proud that IP taught me such great self control.
I soooooooo hear you about thinking "I know how to do this faster." And then later, when I'm in my right mind, I know I've made a good choice for me ... maintenance style eating with a small weight loss goal as motivation. I haven't added the exercise component yet, despite my talk about it. And, no promises from me yet. I'm impressed that you've taken on an exercise program! I'll have to go read what you're doing ... maybe in the exercise thread?
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