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Originally Posted by Marionm
It's a big adjustment as quickly as we go through sizes. And for all those sizes changing outside, there are changes happening inside and they can be an even bigger adjustment. I phased off because I was losing so quickly I couldn't keep up with the the changes I was seeing. I know for me, there was a huge fear that I'd some how mess it up and gain the weight back and of course, it was mixed with joy that something had finally worked. I remember gently arguing with the salesclerk when she told me she thought I needed a smaller size! LOL

I'm faced with an interesting dilemma myself because I phased off back in December and have been eating pretty much the way I expect I will for the rest of my life which means no grains, no potatoes, and no added sugars. I had convinced myself to go back on plan with my friend who is coming home tomorrow, but now I'm really starting to wonder about that because I've lost 1.6 pounds in the last week--just eating 'normal' for me. Since I phased off, I've lost 11 pounds which isn't bad for 6 weeks of weight loss.

Most of what I've been reading about my plan for life for eating says that your weight will stabilize where it needs to be if you keep eating right which leaves me wondering, do I really want to put my body through the stress of going back into ketosis again? There's a part of me that would like some faster results again, but will I even get them. My average on IP was 3 pounds a week and it looks like I'm just under 2 pounds a week now. Any thoughts?

I suppose I should add this caveat so people understand where I'm coming from... I knew how I needed to be eating to be healthy before I started IP. I used IP as a tool for behavior modification. Five months of eating very disciplined with no cheating went a long ways toward changing my habits and I don't want to go back to where I was. I don't envision eating sugary desserts, pastas or a Taco Bell anymore. I don't like how I feel when I did that. IP gave me a tool to break bad habits---and great weight loss was a huge benefit.

So what do you think? Keep doing what I'm doing or go back on plan?

Wow.....I could have written this....(minus being on my lifetime eating for 6 weeks and down 11 pounds...just 1 1/2 weeks and down 2 pounds) I miss the super fast weight loss, but I am so proud that I am eating so well and losing and getting some great exercise in. I get depressed when I think that it will take me 4-5 months to lose 25 pounds when it took me 4 months to lose 58, but I am so proud that IP taught me such great self control.

To all my friends I made over the last 4/5 months...I miss you bunches. I hope everyone is well. I have three weeks until my cruise and I am psyched.

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