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Originally Posted by navy mom 72 View Post
I am so suprised that more people aren't talking about this topic. I hope this hair loss thing stops soon! I read it lasted a month and a half.

YIKES! I think I'm going to buy the Inositol Caplets and Rogaine, asap. I dread brushing my hair. I am shocked at how much is coming out!!!!!!!!! I never heard about this side-effect when I signed up for IP. It seems not many people talk about it. I wonder if everyone experiences the same thing??
Hey Navy Mom 72,

I saw your other post to me, if you don't mind, I will just answer here for tonight. (thanks!)

The diet does have hair loss as a side effect. There are many possible reasons but, it seems to have a lot to do with the diet causing rapid weight loss that puts our hair into a rapid state of rest and with the excess release of estrogen.

To some extent it may have to do with nutrition but, it is hard to say.

Here is what is known.

It does grow back. It usually grows back better and healthy but, can take a full year after stopping the diet for your hair to complete all the cycles enough that most people see more than just a stop of the loss. (I can see a big difference in mine and it has been 6 months. I lost enough that you could see my scalp at my crown.)

It is most common in women over 40 and, if I remember correctly, effects 11% of women dieters.

It is said, that these are women who would have experience hair loss in menopause (??? ... I can't prove that it was shared on an IP conference call.) AND it was also said, those who go through this now are not likely to have this thinning or hair loss later. (remember this diet has over 27 years of background on dieters using the plan.)

There is a protocol using the omegas and anti oxy supplements from IDEAL PROTEIN that came out recently and is supposed to help with this to some extent. ( I will try and get that and put it here.)

Many have used NIOXIN shampoo (it helps some), vitamin supplements (I liked Michael's Hair, Skin, Nails), added vitamin c, or added inositol.

If it is happening, it will run it's course and you are better off losing a lot at once because it is more likely to be related to telogen effluvium (the resting phase hair loss). It will correct itself.

I know how you feel. I told my coach "I'm not trying to be the skinny, bald girl." Guess what, it felt like I would be but, it didn't happen. I did have to use sunscreen on my scalp last summer. This year, things are much better.

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