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Originally Posted by teacherlady79 View Post
I make a yummy chicken & shirataki noodle soup with them.

We had a conversation about them in the recipes thread, and StrugglingNicole said that they aren't really on our plan:
I don't know if you got the answer to this question yet or not, but I took a shopping class and asked about these noodles. The answer I got was that they are on the vegetarian menu, so if that is what you are on they are approved. However, if you are not on the vegetarian menu they are not OP. They are a great maintance option, I'm told!

But to be totally honest, I still eat them about once a month or so, when I get a craving for a noodle soup. Personally, I think if you can eat them occasionally without it affecting your losses, then go for it. I occasionally slide not-totally-OP foods into my menu once in a while (like cooked tomatoes sometimes) and it hasn't affected my weight loss yet. If it does start to affect it, I'll quit straying and stick to the plan as is.
okay, thanks for the information.
I just can't really imagine if I substitute them for a carb of an evening why that would be a problem, but then again, I know MRC is all suppose to be formulated so the foods work together, so.

anyway, I intend to give them a good hard try no matter. I loved my stir fry so much. guess I better not think I should do this each and every evening though. dang teacherlady, you blew my fun!

can you share your soup recipe with me? I was just thinking of adding them into the MRC HNS chicken boullian.

oh, and I was using the Braggs Amino Acid (rather than soy sauce). Tasted good too.

Am back for Round 2, beginning 3/7.
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