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Originally Posted by Crystal88
Have you checked your Blood Pressure? It could be a little lower than you are used to. I had dizziness for a long time, and the doc who is the head of the program suggested this.
In my case my BP was going down, and now I am being weaned off medication. Can't wait to see if I can get off it altogether!

Thanks Crystal - I think it may be my blood pressure meds. I was doing more research on the web and I think it may need to be adjusted. I got a little scared today I was at a store and bent down to see something and then got up and almost fell over the dizziness was the worst I had so I said ok enough calling the doctor. I have an appt on Friday to discuss what is going on.

I bet you are right in regards to the low pressure and meds. I am on a high dosage right now and I guess the 20lb loss is throwing the meds off.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Beachbella!!!

Just an FYI. I was also on blood pressure medicine. My doctor cut the dose in half and I took that for a week and then he took me off completely. I bought a blood pressure kit so that I can keep track of it myself and update him as needed. If you don't have one, you should invest in one. I bought mine at Sams Club for $60. Well worth the investment. When I started tracking it, it was 104-106/73-75, that's when he took me off completely.

Good morning to everyone!!!!!

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