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Another grey overcast day.. darnit!

Paula Thanks for the Laughing Cow info. We love it on toast.

Sloan: I really feel for your family, what a horrid start to 2011. A few years ago, we lost treasured friends and also neighbours within a short space of time. Towards the end, the crematorium staff said ‘Hello again!’ when we walked in. I hope you all come out of this dark period and into the light soon.

We intend to take your advice today and have a long break at lunchtime.

Belated birthday wishes to your BF.

How’s the tooth? Crown on yet?

Rhonda: I can’t wear L’Oreal. As soon as I put it on, I come out in an itchy rash. I also have trouble with Avon.

Each Santa= a pound lost
:h ohoho:
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